Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Experiences

I do not want to develop the image as the drug blogger. There are more sides to me. Drugs were a part of my past, not my present, nor will they be a part of my future. However, as I said, it is important to me to do
the best I can to shed light on what it COULD be like for someone who is trying to change his life.

Unfortunately, I came to skid row after I retired from drugs. Strange, but that is the truth. Whether the experiences are painful or not each day in this environment is a new experience. I learn new things about life, myself, and people.

This week I learned alot about all three of those categories. I felt I had my big break. It evaporated. I had two choices. I either crumble and give up or I move forward. I chose to move forward. The morning after I found out I would not have a job, I pushed myself to do things. I called a new friend who blogs and
he invited me to city hall. I never have been in City Hall. I was born here. My parents were born here. Yet
I never had been in that building. I went. I visited Jan Perry's office. It was fun.
The staff was well receiving and offered encouragement to me after they heard me talking to my friend about what happened to me. They care about their constituents.

I went up and visited the Tom Bradley room. I grew up around the corner from Tom Bradley in Leimert Park.
He used to visit my parents alot when I was a young boy. I sat next to him at his house on several occasions
when he had fund raising dinners. He put me by his side. He was then a police officer and I sat next to him when he wore his uniform.

It was a new experience being in city hall and looking out over the city. Downtown has certainly changed.
I have a 10 ft by 4f t aerial photo of downtown Los Angeles taken in 1962 at my mother's house. what a difference.

Afterward's we walked down Main st. We stopped at the Fernando building. Before that I ran into Miriam Hernandez of Channel 7 news. I was able to get a picture with her. Don took the picture.

The Fernando building reminds me of The Brewery in Old Philadelphia. I worked for Silver and Harting.
They were pioneer developers in historic properties, doing the same thing that Gilmore is doing now.

It brought back old memories and dreams. It felt good to sit down and watch all of the people.
I met someone who wrote a comment about being queen on the blog of View from a Loft. It was the first time
I met someone who wrote a comment on a blog. You know, putting face with words. At times you wonder what the person is like who makes the comment. I met her. She owns the Wine Cafe nest to Old bank DVD.

I met Mark the owner of the video store. It was fun. I met Celia who welcomed me into the downtown
writing group and encouraged me to come to the next meeting.

I am beginning to see where I can carve out a new life downtown if I hang in there. I would like to say that
Tom Gilmore has a great tenant mix at his building and the businesses create a community feeling. That is a developer who is sensitive to the needs of people. I also like to say that he is on a committee to help
low income residents. No one knows about that. Like Rocky Delgadillo showing up at Gladys Park to support
three on three leagues, those activities are not reported by the press.

All of this is to say thank you to the blogging community for helping me have new experiences. That is what
a new life without drugs is suppose to be new experiences.

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