Friday, October 19, 2007

Thanks my friend. Fix Teeth Fix Self Esteem

Well you guys, I am here because I had an interesting morning.

First of all, I want to thank The TOWNCRIER, Don Garza, for being a good friend. He surprised me by trying to help me get my teeth fixed.
I have been having limited success in that arena.
I believe that Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles must have more missing teeth per capita than any place in the country. I believe people smoke more cigarettes in Skid Row per capita than anywhere in the country.
Lets exam both, then back to Don.

One thing that is in great need on Skid Row is an increase in Self Esteem among the residents of the area. Having no teeth or missing teeth does nothing for one's self esteem. One avoid's looking in the eye of new people they meet outside of the area because of it. One is hesitant to look for office employment because you feel no one will hire you because you have missing teeth and that is not the picture of health that an office wants to have with clients or associates.

I know that many times I did not attempt to do things because my teeth were in bad shape. When I first obtained my bridge, my attitude changed. I obtained it when I was winning the battle against drug use.
I believe that people would feel better about themselves on Skid Row if they can get their teeth fixed. I Believe that is one of the easiest things that can be accomplished if they had help. I believe that getting one's teeth fixed will have positive economic externalities elsewhere.

Excuse me, I could not resist the temptation that people on Skid Row
have educations.

That type of progress can be measured by what people accomplish after they get some self confidence. A full set of teeth can accomplish that.
There are people on Skid Row who have attempted to get their teeth fixed. They have run into one excuse after another. Some missions say that it is no problem, then it is a problem. Red Tape all the way.
The end result is alot of talk and nothing happens.

Dental students need the practice and people need the teeth. Progress
in that area can motivate the efforts to achieve progress in other areas.

How about it guys.
I think Don was so much the friend by helping me with the teeth. But more than that. He was there for me when I lost my opportunity. People think that people on Skid Row do not care for eachother. That is not true.
Many times we are all that we have. He stepped up to the plate.
I said that the bloggers of Downtown Los Angeles are a special group.
Don is one of them. I hope to grow into one.

In the meantime, can't the powers that be do something to get immediate, measurable and TRACKABLE results by helping people feel better about themselves first. By doing that other results in other efforts can be sustained.

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