Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Family problems

It is about 11:45AM. I had to go to a class that teached people how to write checks. I am not being arrogant, that is just the truth. It is my understanding that General Relief does not allow recipients to have checking accounts. I just found that out.

It is a depressing day. The revelation about letting my friend down once too often really hurt. I mean it really hurts. I have known this man since i was 12 years old. My friend, or ex friend, told the person that everything that I said about my life was true. If that is the case why would he not listen to me, someone he has known since we were kids. I suppose the gossip woman on the block spread some bad rumors.

You know what is funny. Even when someone tries to say something good, they are wrong.

"Walter is a genius with computers," she said on the police statement. That is rediculous. I am computer literate. That is all. For some reason, if you can point and click or if you know how to type in the black community, you are considered a genius. The digital divide is worse than I thought. Why can't people keep their big mouths shut. When I need people to speak up and ask

questions, they don't.

"He is mentally ill but it was overlooked because he is so smart". That is my sister's quote. Can you believe that ? She is saying my parents let go something very serious because I am smart. That makes no sense at all but it is in the police report. My friends used to call me from all over the country to let me know my sister was saying some pretty off of the wall things. I just ignored it. Now I see what it did. It cast an image that is dark and seedy.

I do not like telling a lawyer things. I am not one to air my sister's dirt without speaking to me. However, she gives me no options.

I am about the only one I know that has no support from family. My mom would do anything for me but she has no rights any longer. People make these decisions for people who are mentally ill or with dementia. How much do they really know? I remember 20Plus year old women talking to my mother. They were from Kaiser Permanente. Do you think they should be trusted with elderly people after what they did to Carol Ann Reyes, dumping her on Skid Row? I walked in and they were talking. My mother had no idea why

people were bugging her for months. My sister kept harassing her to sign papers. There were

times my mother would lock the doors and hide in the house because my sister was coming over. She was terrified of Janice.

Katie Couric said that Elderly custody breeds family disputes. My sister called my mom a

stupid bitch on several occasions. She is has a quick evil temper. My mother would often wonder why my sister was so evil and so mean to her.

Tell me, what do young women know of a woman from the depression era who was a foster child in a German family and she was black. Do they know anything about her baggage. Do they know anything other than what my sister said?

Did anyone think to talk to me?

They said their was an altercation. First they said I tried to steal her car. My mother gave me the keys to check the battery. I never used her car. We were going someplace. In fact we were going shopping, the one activity that they kept saying we never did. However all they have to do is speak to Russell Cyrus and they would know that he took me shopping several times a week for her, or he took her. When he took her, I could sneak and clean the house. I did that for a long time until she decided to let me clean the house.

I was not alone with my mother when all of this took place. Of course a drunk made the call. Of course, their house was shot up by gang bangers because they were dirty. Of course, relatives of his died and he was trying to move in on a very nice property.

I have to write this for an attorney but I hate it. Of course, I was the one who was with my mom all of the time and talked to her. My sister never talked to us about anything.

I asked her to help me with my mom and she said NO.

She received below market rent at least 50 percent below market rent for 10 years. Yet she complained. She complained because my mother would not give her 50,000 dollars to purchase a house. She wanted me to purchase a house for 250,000 dollars and give it to her.

I am not like the brothers of her friends at the prep school she attended. She said she would settle on a BMW.

In all of the years I stayed at the house she only asked me once about mom, and that was to have her sign property over to her and me. I said no. For one thing the property should go in a family trust, for tax reasons.

It is hard to think about her and my old friend. She is like Sybil, she has quick changes in personality.

So many things in the court petition are false. She comes across like she made the authorities disappear but I believe she caused them to come in our lives.

The government comes into your house. They want to talk to you. We talk. I mean the Adult Protective Services, whoever they are. They walk all through your house, searching. They do not tell you why. They do not tell you why they are there. They do not tell you who called them and made some type of complaint. They do not let you know anything and they do not let you read anything they have about you.

Now, my mother had no symptoms at the time. She also was not on government relief. She had a pension. She also drew on Social Security. I was not on government assistance. Who gave them the right to come into our lives and disrupt them.

My sister kept making claims. However, she never was at the house. I saw my sister three or four times, for about 5 minutes, every 6 months. Rediculous. She knew nothing of my mom's life. Every time she came over my mother and she argued.

In the last few years my mother kept accusing my sister of things. Can you believe that I defended my sister? I defended her while she was in the middle of a campaign to get rid of me.

It is sad. I could prove everything I said.


" Yes, but you had a bottle of wine". Yes I did purchase a bottle of wine.

I purchased the wine because I used it to sautee thea fish. Can you believe that. I learned how to do several types of dishes over the years.

When my mother was slowing down, I cooked for her everyday. I cooked fish, a potato and fresh vegetables. She loved brockley and I did as well. I made a salad. That was customary.

I purchased lots of fruit and I made fruit juice from the blender. She had fresh juice everyday.

She and I cut up the melons and put them in tupperware and ate them throughout the day.

And the temporary conservator said the only way my mother ate was if someone had to bring her food.

That was said only to justify their legal fees. If they were going to investigate, why not talk to the neighbors. Everyone knew I shopped for my mom and cooked for her. They saw me in a van with groceries or saw me riding down the street. When the man and woman were at the house who had me arrested I was cooking for my mother. He insulted me by asking me if I was cooking for her also. I was cooking for her. I let him know that I was not happy about him coming in my mother's house and insulting her or me. As a result, I was arrested.

Let me say this. My mother, one night looked at me and said "Walter, what are they going to do with me? It is not fair. I am independent and Janice said they are going to put me away for life".

I saw a note and the last statement my sister said was if I was not out of the house, they would put my mom away for life. That is one hell of a thing to say to a woman who worked all of her life to have her own house, a woman who minded her own business. Threaten a woman who was a foster child and bring that back into her mind. They come in the house and tell her what is best for her. They do not talk to her.

Where are her rights? She would forget things. She stopped driving. She did that grudgingly.

She forgot to pay some bills. I found out and started to take care of them. My sister knows this.

She even commented on it. Yet, she wanted these people to destroy my mom's happiness.

I was the one who bought mom a cane, adult diapers after she wet on her self. I was the one who developed into a good house manager. She saw it and let me finally clean out the whole house. I earned it. They say you have to earn it much harder after you are known to do drugs.

It took longer. But I perservered. I grew up and I did every thing I could to help my mother.

Therer were many people just like me who took care of their aging parents. They told me sometimes they black out and do not recognize you. That is what happened that day. Three weeks later, she told me something. She told me that she was raped in a car when she was a teenager. It hit me right then and there. She flashbacked on it. That is why she did not recognize me. I kept yelling to her "Mom, it is your son". I said it over and over again. She did not recognize me.

You learn alot when you take care of a person who is wrestling with their demons to let you know things before it is too late. I learned alot because I stopped being selfish and started being a good soon. Nobody knows about the beautiful times we had the last two years. We never fought. The only time a voice was raised was when my sister came over. After she would leave my mother was depressed. My mother felt my sister was trying to control her life.

She resisted. I had nothing to do with it. They say she did not want my sister to be conservator because I was bullying her. Based on what?

I did not know any of it was going on. I would have gladly supported that endeavor.

I thought she and Janice had something worked out anyway.

I was so happy that my mother let me finally do things. You have to understand. My mother did not want to change the carpet or wall paper. They had been there since 1968. she did not want change because she had so much change as a youth, in foster homes. Nobody thought to factor that in. And yet they know so much about what is best for the elderly.

They but in and destroy lives because they think they know what is best for you. They talk to a young woman, who has issues, my sister, and who has an agenda, who is secretive about everything and is the one who was bullying my mother.

My mom's teeth fell out and they blame me for her not getting dentures. She never wanted to go to the dentist. I begged her to go to the dentist and to the doctor. My sister took her to the dentist but she would not go again. Why was I blamed for her teeth. It is in the petition. Of course, I did not see it until it was too late. My sister said she did not know where I was. That was not true. She sent them to me long after she was suppose to let me start living in one of the houses. She called the program director, Rory Cromwell and said I could move in July. she never called or returned calls. Then finally she had these documentss sent from her attorney, hiding behind him.

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