Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Skid Row Ugliness


I wanted to continue on my previous blog. However, I am not at a place where that is possible.
Each facility where I blog has there own set of blocks. You can imagine the amount of blocks that are on computers in Skid Row. Alot of the computers are used for job searching. However you have a large segment that uses the computers for frivolous activities. they want to watch movies. There is a booming illegal video business on Skid Row. Alot of people are very glad that Old Bank DVD is in business. That may come to surprise alot of people. The prevailing belief is that most people on Skid Row would prefer to purchase stuff on the street. The fact is they do not. They have no assurance of quality and there are no refunds if the video is not operable.

The merchandisers are very much like drug dealers. Caveat Empter.
"Excuse me sir, did you lose your new job yet?" That was a question yelled out to me
from a counselor/speaker at the former facility where I used to live. As you all know the company no longer will employ me because of a small hernia. That is their right.
I hurt every time I think of it but I will have to move forward. However, this is not acceptable.
This man is suppose to help people. He is known for his unorthodox ways but to inflict pain upon someone is not a good thing. Of course, I know why he did it. He was sexually assaulted in prison. he refers to it alot. Secondly, he was around women that live in my building when he said it. Men everywhere act like fools when they are around women with whom they want to sleep. NOTE THAT I DID NOT SAY 'AROUND WOMEN THEY WANT TO KNOW'.

They have no respect for themselves or the women in their company. In fact, "with whom they want to sleep" is giving them to much credit in how they view women. "with whom they want to fuck, or drill, or nail" would be a more apt description of the prevailing mail doctrine in the area.

It is my observation that most case managers in the Skid Row community are not very professional. Alot of them are very dedicated people who are quite sensitive. However you would have to be lucky to be on their case load. Invariably, the majority are egotistical and heavy handed. They want to make themselves feel better at the expense of someone else.
Because of that, alot of people do not seek help. They are tired of being passed around and belittled as well. Their perception is that they can't get help. That perception could cause them to miss out on the next case manager. It would be their luck that the next case manager
is the sensitive, well informed one that will do anything to help them.


dgarzila said...

I can believe it. Many are this way. I mean ,the trouble I am going through with my manager is ridiculous. The managers get 14,000 dollars a year but don't pay rent.

But these are the type of people they hire for under 26, 000 dollars a year. Many of them are felons so no one would ever hire them . SO they stay with the company for years. Who else is going to hire them...

Some are great. For the most part some are also awful

Anonymous said...

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