Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Insight, New products

this has been a very interesting weekend. I had to digest the events of the week. No job.

And yet I learned so much about skid row. I learned alot about the internet. I learned alot about internet tv. I met some more people. I am making progress but it is not reflected in
the scores.

I showed people they can be scared, they can handle disappointment without doing drugs.
It is important that people saw that in me. It lets them know that they can do it.

I have more plans for my blog. I plan on having a weekly column or daily section
titled "Profiles of Courage". It talk about people who overcame obstacles.

The first story will be about a woman whose brother was killed by the Crips gang.
Most of you will think that that is not unusual. This story is unique because her brother's murder in April of 1972 PUT THE CRIPS IN THE PUBLIC EYE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. He was a friend of mine. He was killed at the Hollywood palladium for his leather jacket.
He was a friend of mine. I mentioned it to Brady Westwater and he remembered it. That is how much news coverage that murder had.

His sister finished a program in Skid Row. She is a remarkable Profile of Courage.

There is a lady who stands, everyday, two feet from a door at the LA mission. all day. She makes sure she gets her bed. She stands there all day without moving. Incredible determination to survive. Another PROFILE OF COURAGE.

Those two stories of downtown people of the Skid Row area will be told by me.
I may be without a job. However, I am not without a purpose. I want to thank some bloggers for routing me on. They know who they are and probably are sick of my saying thanks.

I can not say thank you enough. I am learning how to be creative. My hope is I can be gainfully employed so I can become a journalist of good news in places where good news is hard to find. But it exists.

I like writing. I like posting pictures. If I can get this dam video to work.(smile)

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