Saturday, October 27, 2007

Update--NA meeting, today

I found a computer after I left. I also realized I could upload a picture at this one. The picture on the left was taken at the Mayor's Zoccalo lecture series. The people had a great time after the interview with the Mayor. The picture if not very good but I just wanted to experience uploading it. I plan on getting better. I remember when I could not upload a picture correctly. Progress has been made.
Everybody had a great time and the refreshments were nice. There was a fruit plate with a variety of delicious melons and a choice of cheeses as well. Wine and coffee was plentiful.

4:00PM update.
There is a Narcotics Anonymous marathon taking place in Skid Row as I type. That is the main reason I came here to find a computer. I did not know what a marathon was until a couple of months ago. I believe I was closed to alot of things. It is an event where, for hours, people stand on the stage and share their experiences with drugs. The first one I saw was at San Julian park.

Among the people there, I saw Rory Cromwell, the program director at Volunteers of America on Crocker St. I refer to Rory as the Prince of Skid Row. It is a common consensus that Rory has saved more lives on Skid Row than any single person. He is always there for everyone. He does not judge people. He encourages them to stay clean but he never has belittled anyone when they have relapsed.

I saw the marathon at San Julian park. I sat down a few minutes at this one. I am becoming more open minded as I spend time down here. There was an atmosphere in the room of warmth and positive energy. I saw Candice, the woman whose brother was killed in 1972. She looked very serene sitting in the front row. By the way, she is interested in participating in the Skid Row chat room. She will be much better to look at than I while people are in the chat room.
She wants to be involved in "recovery chat" as she feels that the STRIVE program in Skid Row has done wonders for her. I will post an article about STRIVE soon.

Please visit the marathon at 6th and San Pedro if you have time today.

There are positive things like this going on everyday on Skid Row. I hope I can report on all of them. I am in Skid Row most of the time and I will practice what some one told me about
"hyper-local" reporting. From there, I will branch out.

The marathon must have had some type of effect on me. I walked out during a speech by a man who has been in recovery for years. His message was about HOPE. He said that hope is defined as TRUST. I listened for a few minutes and decided to come to the Volunteers of America building, Rory's building for my second blog of the day.

Before I started blogging, I emailed my sister and updated her on the fact that I almost had a job but could not pass the physical. She also is aware that I shall speak to a bunch of police officers tomorrow. I told her I was nervous but I will do my best. I must attempt to communicate with her and let her know that I am open to hearing from her. The lack of communication got her and I to this point. It does not mean that we have to end it like this. They say that it is the darkest before the dawn. I will keep positive. It is difficult at times.
They last thing Rory said was "stay positive". He was also very suprised to see me there. He used to get on my case about attending the meetings.

He believes I am a success story. Maybe I need to appreciate other kinds of success. I appreciated my triathlon success. Of course my circumstances are different, but still, I need to enjoy the fact that I am doing what I want. I am reporting my experiences with self and my life downtown and I am attempting to talk about people who make up the downtown community.

Bert Green seemed to be doing well today. He had a few very interested customers in his gallery this afternoon. Let us hope he makes a sale.

Good Afternoon, world I love ya. It is never difficult to do that.

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