Monday, October 22, 2007

Go get em. Walter. Find that job.

11:00 AM
This will be a play by play or periodic update kind of day. I started out the gate pretty well.
I made contact with some people. I hate agonizing about things not done. I used to procrastinate. I stopped that behavior when I was coming back to life. That is an easy way of saying when I was decreasing my drug consumption over the last few years.

I don't like things hanging over me and I try to focus 100 percent on things.

A friend of mine told me that he will not help me with my career plans until I deal with my health issues; teeth andd hernia. Tough love is taking on a new upgraded level. Instead of cutting a man off because of substance usage, you make him take care of his health.
He is right. I need to get my teeth fixed because I will have confidence when I interview.

For some reason, I believe I am going to get a better job than the one that was offered and rescinded. Believe me that is a completely different attitude than what I had a couple of months ago. I thought my life was over. Blogging and bloggers have something to do with all of that.
More on that later.
As you can see, I changed the title. I thought Recovery Road was too narrow. I do not want to be stereotyped as being one who can only talk about drugs and skid row. In fact I know less about Skid Row than anything else. I think that is good. Why? Because I won't let ego get in the way of viewing things objectively. I can report fairly
Must go see about career stuff. Talk later.
I could talk about international arbitrage as well.


I left this computer like a tiger. I came back to it down and discouraged. The reality of having the offer taken back settled in some more. I checked my email and someone emailed me back. I would usually say the person's name but in this case I won't. She knows who she is. It was something that immediately brought a smile to my face. It provided alot encouragement. You know, guys, I have known lots of people who are busy.
I have found it is the busiest of them that always return calls quickly or never keep you waiting in their outer offices for a long time. It is the wannabes that keep you waiting. They never return calls. They act like they are so busy and they never get anything done. They are the ones who drop the ball in a team effort and come up with a lame excuse.

This woman who wrote me back today has already proven to me that the quality of her spirit is such that it is
uncompromising. She did not have to take the time out of her schedule to return an email. But she did.
It showed that I meant something.

To alot of people, people in Skid Row do not have value. She did not write me back because it was her
responsibility. She did not have an obligation. She wrote me back because she cared. She cares about people.
I know on a certain day she is not scheduled to have meetings. She had a friend who did not know why.
It turns out that on that day her time is devoted to visiting schools to see the kids. It is a tradition of hers.

She does not go there with television cameras and alot of hoopla. There would normally be no hoopla
about this email. Anyway, thanks Jan Perry. You gave me the energy to get up and fight.

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