Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hilarious day

I planned to have my official debut today but unfortunately the stars did not go along with it.

I was going to post a video and/photo today, along with some intellectual garbage about starting a new life. I thought I saved it but it appears that I might have published it by mistake. My new and improved blogging is turning out to be a bust.

I was fortunate enough to have a the guy who introduce me to blogging offer a link from his blog to mine. I have to tell you that there is a list of bloggers on his list that I admire and I just can't wait to be associated with them. Of course I do not deserve it yet but I will welcome the association all of the same.

Today I dealt with some glitches in the employment offer extended to me. Apparently I had to weigh 25 more
pounds than I was cleared to lift. Of course I will not lift anything or rarely lift anything but that is not the point. It is in the job description.

Of course I am sweating this out until I get this cleared up because I do not have a job and I live on the
infamous or famous Skid Row. It depends with whom you speak whether it is famous or infamous.

While I am in my moments of despair, I see two comrades in the streets of Skid Row. I rush over to them wanting them to commiserate with me. Instead they start talking trash to eachother. It was a high level brand of trash talking. One person is very gifted with written satire in his blogs, Don Garza aka the Towncrier.
The other is OGman the Commissioner of the Skid Row Basketball League. Suddenly my plight was not a priority. It was shoved aside while the Olympic games of trash talking commenced.

Oh yes and while this was happening, I had an Assistant to the City Attorney on the phone, holding on listening to all of this nonsense. Naturally, I have him on the phone while he is laying flat on his back at home
suffering from strep throat. Of course that is bad but I told him ,"To hell with that. I want a job. I need this job. I feel guilty about getting you out of the bed on one hand but on the other, I don't give a shit. I need to whine and moan and groan. "

"Oh and I do apologize for having you wait while Don Garza and OGman argue who has the better league, the mission or Skid Row. They have been arguing on 5th street for two weeks now. My misery was pushed aside for the purpose of ascertaining how to solve who had bragging rights for best basketball talent. There are priorities, you know".

In the end , I got the clearance to work but I may have ruffled some feathers. I dont know. I found the man, Garza who has been unavailable for weeks. He is going to teach me the ins and outs of video. However I cant find Eric to link up to his blog. I still do not have the correct name for my new blog. I need to show growth now that I am a veteran of a month. My old blog is on another site.

One thing is for sure. Life on RecoveryRoad is not boring. I used to worry about drug tests. They are a snap now. Now I have to worry about hernia diagnosis.

It was easier worrying about the drug tests. JUST KIDDING.

See ya tomorrow. If there is a pic posted. I will have made progress.

Good night world. I love you.

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