Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I wrote this elaborate blog about growth and patience. I wrote about the agonizing wait to see if I have this job. I wrote about Los Angeles. I wrote about the growth in my blogging because I successfully previewed an uploaded set of pictures. I was elated.

I talked about Skid Row and the Mayor's press conference and how my job offer started from my attending the press conference. I showed the place where I was living currently as well as a photo of a Los Angeles landmark and the press conference.

I talked about how it took patience for me to sit back and wait for the recruiter from the prospective employer to call me after yesterday's events. I had to straighten out a glitch in my physical. I wrote about it yesterday.

I talked about the long journey of climbing back after I stopped using drugs and how the

company was giving me a second chance at life. They had faith in me and that faith meant so much. The woman who interviewed me believed in me and I do not want her to give up hope or change her mind.

I wrote about how I saw so many men yesterday who gave up when they were challenged.

I have fought every step of the way for my job, for myself and for my future. It is so important that I maintain faith.

I am rewriting some of this because I want to not let a technical error sway me from my goal of growing a bit even though my mind is elsewhere. I will succeed in finally uploading photos.

I started blogging a month ago and wanted to upload photos. I finally did so successfully before the computer crashed.

I have to go but here it is. I am having more tech problems. I will give you what I have. the great prose will come tomorrow. I do not know yet about the job but I grew a bit as a person and a blogger today.
good night world. I love you

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