Friday, October 19, 2007

I will stay strong

well you guys, I thought I was going to write about the part where the man who decided to live a clean life got his big break.

I was offered a job and the offer was taken off the table. There was no real reason for it. It was
clear from talking to the recruiter that she was ordered to say something.

A person put in a word for me. He believed that he had a good working relationship with the CEO of the organization that gave me the offer. The CEO or Executive Director, to be exact,
told my supporter that I would be employed somewhere if the physical examination glitch could not be solved for this position.

That was not the case. I followed instructions to the letter by the person who examined me.
In fact he was not qualified to render that diagnosis and what he wrote in his report prevented me from having a job. He said get a PHYSICIAN to clear me and he would pass me.
My prospective employer would not have it. The physician told me that I was ok.
The PA said I could not life 25 pounds.
Worse was the fact that I was shut down altogether.

I was told how much I overcame. I was told how much I deserved that job. I believe the recruitrer believed every word she said. She was handcuffed. She was told by higher ups who want to supposedly help people to tell me a statement. Of course they had her do the dirty work. As bad as I feel, I felt worse for her.

Skid row residents need lattitude sometimes. What I asked for was reasonable. The employer's treatment of me was not. I will not mention the name of the employer. I may not wrote about it earlier. I know I mentioned the name on another site. Maybe not.
I am not going to research it out now. However, I will say this. I now understand why
people think low of the company. People who live in their residences and who WORK
for the company. City officials think lowly of them as well. The city official that spoke
on my behalf never figured on what happened to happen. He, by the way, has never said anything about the company in a negative fashion. My point is that this is not sour grapes.
The company would be surprised to learn that city officals, elected and otherwise do not think highly of them and their ability to relate to the needs of the Skid Row community.

I was going to be an ambassador to the community. I told the recruiter as much. However can not do that for the company.

This is a writing about the down sides of fighting back. I have to fight back from the blows of a company that was origionally going to reward me for my efforts. I was let down by people and the group think of an organization. This is a company that is suppose to uplift the lives of those on Skid Row. They promote a reputation of giving second chances. They gave me no second chance. I have to scrape off of my bruises and find myself a second chance some way.

Their actions do not justify their reputation.

People are worried that I will relapse because of the disappointment. I am not going to do that. I want to be an example, no matter how hard, of something good. I am not on
Relapse Reverse STreet. I am on Recovery Road. NO MATTER WHAT.

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