Thursday, October 18, 2007

A bit of encouragement goes a long way

Wow. I spent most of this morning agonizing about my job opportunity. I can't wait to get started. Of course, that means that I have worked out all of the kinks.

"Walter, give the lady a break. After what you put her through on Monday, she deserves a rest", Ken said. I had to laugh. Sue did hang in there with me on Monday. I know she has alot to do but I am so anxious to get started. I assume there will be no hearatbreaking surprises.

----One of the real reasons I will be glad to start is because I will be able to also be settled in work and residence and I can begin to really get into my hobby, blogging. Yep, you guys..
I am dying to learn more about it, develop my style, and be a part of the Downtown Los Angeles blogging scene. I think the bloggers downtown exude personality, intelligence and embrace the
American spirit of a community. (I had to laugh because there is one blogger who knows what I mean first hand when I say Sue hung in there with me on Monday. When this anonymous blogger and I first met, I held onto him like a pit bull. lol.(Smile). I think he is still recuperating from my enthusiasm.

This morning, in the middle of all of this anxiety, I received an email from another blogger. Of course, I admire his work and was talking about it with someone else. He said the blogging community thinks I will be a fine addition to the community. When I read it I had a grin on my face from here to Catalina. He has no idea what he did for my day. For a few moments I have put the employment anxiety away and am concentrating on developing my blogging style.

He gave me some ideas as well. The ideas he gave me enhance my big plans and is a good beginning to those. He, of course, is a big part of them , as are all of the blogging community.
I have time to gain credibility and knowledge before I present it to them. With my marketing and sales background, if I can't sell this, I can not sell anything.


This morning, on Fifth street, in Skid Row, the attitude is upbeat. The drug dealers were not out in force. I just figured out why. It is after the 10th of the month. The government transfer payment checks are no longer being distributed to residents of Skid Row. Therefore, the amount of disposable dollars are now at a minimum. By the way, let me say this. The vast majority of Skid Row residents, in the shelters and SRO residents, as well as the homeless do not do drugs. I have observed most of the drug traffic and most of it comes from cars that come in the area from elsewhere to buy drugs. Either that or they walk from the office towers east.
Many younger purchasers get off at Pershing Square station and begin to ask people where they can buy drugs. They remind me of someone looking up in Manhattan to see what time it is. If someone does that, you know they are not from the area.

The streets are unusually clean today between San Pedro and Wall streets. San julian looks dam near pristine. People seem to be smiling. I will have to investigate the reasons why.
That kind of secret needs to be discovered and shared. I even heard a few laughs.
I think they must be because of the recent disparity in homeless stats.


Here is a scoop. A well placed source within the City Attorney's office is tired of getting staged shows during the monthly walks. He wants the truth. There is no point of getting false information that looks good, if its final result will be that ineffective plans are being made to help the homeless from the inaccurate statistics. He wants the truth. He can stand the truth. He needs the truth to create thorough and effective plans for the community. This source used to pass out food in the Bowery when he was growing up. He has longevity of commitment.
He said he will be devising a plan to get a real cross section of opinion from the Skid Row
community real soon. I will keep you posted.

That is my morning update. Wish me luck.
Good morning world . I love you

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dgarzila said...

Well , these are the accurate figures on drug use. Finally , I have someone else saying the same thing. I have never had a substance abuse problem , so it is good to see we have a blogger telling it like it is who has had that problem on that end.

Call me and let me know how the job hunting went.

Writing about personal experiences when one first arrives on skid row might be beneficial to the community as a whole.

Don't tell the world everything , but at least let them know when a not-for profit let's you down and where they are successful and how you think they might improve.

These not-for profits are full of promises that sometimes they can't keep or don't want to follow through on.

I am working with a friend of mine at one of the missions on a matter for you right now. Sent an e-mail already.