Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Community chat, Html progress


Well, I walked down here to another site so I can update my blog. I have thousands of long hand written pages from February 7,2007 until late August. I was blogging to myself. There are hundreds of pages when I sat in jail. I am curious to see what they say but I think I will wait.

I stopped in here to say that there is a booming weed business on 5TH and Los Angeles Streets. On the surface, it does not sound like much.
However, this man specializes in selling marijuana to MINORS. Yes, you heard me. Every time I walk to the library, I see him selling to minors.
I previously said that minors do not tend to go to the heart of Skid Row.
They seem to stay near the Pershing Square stop.

I am concerned that they will go down the path I did. I was not of the frame of mind that marijuana can lead to anything else. I am now.
I believe the minors should be protected from potential violence. They are prime targets because they have no recourse if the dealer decides to take the money.
Must go to another meeting. No comment on that. It is required that I go. I wish I was told about the required meetings before I moved in. In real estate and other industries there is a big thing about
'full disclosure'. In the rehab business, there is no accountability.
There is too much money being made and the drug users, former drug users take the blame for it all. A man was kicked out yesterday from a facility because he stood up for his rights. He was on the sidewalks crying this morning. They said he was not complying. However, he was doing the same thing for months. There was no problem. As it turns out, there is a glitch with his military per diem. Suddenly, he is not complying.
You figure.


I look at Skid Row every day. I see so much talent. I see so much energy.
I wish it could be harnessed. I have had so many ideas. I do not know if any are viable but seems to me they should be. I wish I had a contact with a bike manufacturer. Some how arrange to go to mechanic school.

Then start a bike business. I have always thought a bike business to be a good business. It would get people out of cars and promote fitness as well. I had someone lined up to be a mechanic but he went back to prison. He was doing so well. However, he listened to someone who told him he could make big money. He lasted one night.
When I founded the youth tennis league in Inglewood, I saw how eager kids loved to learn. I believe kids could learn mechanics and then, after that, have a job or be taught the basics of business and they could have a shop in their own area. Give them a sense of pride and self worth.

Anyone who has ever studied the aging or maturation process of cities in the world should know that the population always moves back into the downtown area, or original birth area of a city. They switch from cars to scooters as well. Downtown LA will be no different. I am sure that someone will introduce legislation, sooner or later, that will benefit bicycle users, sooner or later. Make it more inconvenient and expensive to operate a car during certain hours and open up the streets for bicycles.

I ride mine all of the time and I get to places faster than cars all of the time.

I wish I can have a bicycle "tour de downtown" series. Every month we have a race around the streets of downtown. I could make video segments of it and put it on my video channel.

By the way, I am close to relaunching my channel and
It will be under a new name. IT is already in place. I just am having technical an logistical problems. SKIDROW BROADCASTING.
CHANNEL 195527 on It will be a chat room format for discussion of issues pertaining to Skidrow. I will be sitting there on camera, or another host and we will be moderating the dialogue or letting
it go free flow. For a long time I wanted to keep it secret. Many people in Skid Row knew about it. I was afraid that someone would come along, outside of Skid Row, and steal the idea. I don't care about that anymore. I believe, through substantive discussion, on demand, like in a chat room,
anybody can join in at any time and we can come up with great ideas just like we did the other night with people from different backgrounds at the table. I have no doubt that I can get real estate developers to either sit with me, or join the chat room so people can get to know them or talk to them. The benefit of the format would be this: No one could be rude by
interrupting someone or yelling at them. We can explore ideas and get to know eachother. Learn from eachother. See the other persons point of view from the source. We will not have to depend on rumors and inflammatory, selfserving rhetoric from those who have divisive agendas or from those who are merely misinformed.

Years ago, I wanted to learn html. I understand that that is the way to go. Everything is based on that to some degree. However, I was too impatient.

I have been using the internet to teach me the internet. I use Wikipedia. All summer I have been making copies of educational text on various aspects of the computer, the internet, wireless communications, etc. I must teach myself because I can not afford to go to school. I am using the computers here at the STRIVE PROGRAM at the Transition House in VOA to teach me. I use their printers.

Finally I made progress about html. I need to know the rudiments just to insert script into my blog so I can track my readers.

Early in the summer I went to the Vons store on Vine and Melrose. They were suppose to hire me. I had only 5 dollars at the time. I spent it on my bus fare. The manager was not there.
They did not call me. They told me to come two days later. The same thing happened but this time they told me they already hired someone. DONT FORGET, they told me that they were going to give me the job. I have experienced shabby treatment while on Skid Row, but that was just too much. Anyway, at that store, they sold used books. I found a used book on HTML.

The pages that I have copied today will teach me how to insert the script for the analytics
so I can track my readers and revise my blogging format or whatever.

More importantly, I will have a preview or orientation to HTML programming and begin to read that book. As you know, my father was an educator. He taught me how to teach myself.
"Walter, you already know how to learn. You know how to teach yourself."
I ask lots of questions. Every blogger who has talked with me at all knows that I ask questions.
I irritate them with so many questions. Actually, they are very kind and tolerant.

If I was talking about real estate financial analysis of a 5 million square feet office building and someone wanted to know the net present value of its income stream, I would be fine.

I have to play catch up in the computer world and I am not willing to wait.

The first computer in the United States was built at my university, University of Pennsylvania.
It was called ENIAC. It is still there. It is on the basement floor of the Moore School of Engineering building on 33rd st. across from Franklin Field, the home of the Penn Relays.
I would walk past it every day on the way to tennis practice.

I may not have been the best student at Penn. I am going to be an excellent student now.
I make everyone see me make copies of educational text. I let everyone know about
Wikipedia. While I was home I studied Encarta. I began to be a good student when I was training for the triathlon at USC. I was beginning to use less drugs. I was beginning to find my way. Just because progress in areas has been delayed, progress is not thwarted.

I wanted that job so I could concentrate totally on learning and training on my off hours.
Well, I decided that I will study more than I thought. I feel comfort when I study.
I will teach myself.

I am learning how to blog. I am learning how to become a photo and video journalist. I must learn the internet. I have plans. These plans include real estate and journalism. They include downtown journalism. They include internet tv shows and more.

"No jack ass. I don't have a job." I was just thinking that. Excuse me, I am all over the emotional map today. when you see a video on here, you will see progress. Of course, I never said the video will have audio, but I will have video. I have two of the worst videos in the history of youtube on there right now. I kept them there purposely. Soon one will be better.
At least I won't look all around like a scared dog while talking into the camera.

Yes, if you can't make progress one way, make progress another. If you can't post pictures because the facility does not allow for it, just write. If you can't access some websites because of blocks, just read and study. Do something. I learned about the start and stop tags in a few seconds. I have over one hundred copies of educational text.

I intend to read all of them. My time on Skid Row will be a time of learning all that I can about everything I want to learn and some things that I don't want to learn about life.

This week, my friends, I will post a video on here. It will be my first. How I will accomplish that, I don't know. However, it will be done. Any employers who are concerned about whether I can make deadlines, stay tuned. Friday is the deadline for me to produce a video on my blog.
Didn't say it would be good. It will just be here. Took me a month to post a picture and I can't post one now at this site, otherwise, I would post it with this blog. I am so pissed off that i don't have a downtown daily video news blog. I have had that idea for 9 months.
Talk later.

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