Monday, December 10, 2007

Short morning--update


IT is taking all of my discipline not to keep looking at job postings. I saw a posting by Ning. IT is up in Palo Alto, co-founded by the person who founded Netscape. It was one of the few positions on the internet that does not require a technical background. It is something to think about. However, I am determined to do several things. One thing is to clean my room and make sure I can access information and deliver it, without searching for flash drives or memory cards.

The next thing is to advance, with Don, our website,

I can't advance on anything unless I bring some organization to this room. I know Don is doing the same. IT is very important that I not have anything that will distract me from operating efficiently. This project is important to me. At least we are taking care of first things first. That is the best start for our website, even though it does not feel that way now.


It has come to my attention that there is a growing segment of Skid Row that is talking about not accepting the stuff that is going on in the streets. People who are serious about their recovery are beginning to talk to eachother about the drugs being sold. they are beginning to talk about the trash being thrown on the streets and dialogue is starting concerning who should be responsible for it. People want to have neighborhood meetings to discuss these issues. They are also dissatisfied about living in buildings where rampant drug usage is going unchecked.

To be honest, I am surprised and encouraged by these developments. Scribeskidrow and will keep you advised.

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