Saturday, December 1, 2007


IT is quiet on Skid Row tonight. I am just sitting here looking out of the window and no one is around.

I began studying different things about blogging. For reasons of the new venture, I looked at the bloggers in Brasilia. I miss that City. I am sure it has changed alot since I lived there. I understand it has two million people.

It is a funny thing about this new phase. It is hard to believe that I am even near it. A few months ago, it was only a dream, and now, it is rapidly becoming a reality. That is the beauty of teamwork, the complimentary allignment of talents, skills and contacts. I am just glad that Don Garza has had the same idea for a long time, himself.

I know this much. If Garza was not involved, it would still be a dream. I would still be trying to learn how to link. There would be no way to get this off the ground if he were not involved. I would not be able to utilize my skills and talents unless he used his first. Then of course we over lapping skills and capabilities that just make things happen. It is fun to learn and grow and Don is a great teacher. No doubt. I do not know how he managed to learn all of the stuff I know is necessary for him to do what needs to be to get this thing off of the ground but I am glad he did. I sit down each night and try to plug away at information-information that I need to learn about the internet. I have copied reams of information to study. Even if I knew all of that, I would have to know the various evolvement of things in the downtown area from a micro point of view. I know it from a macro point of view, having been born and raised here.

Teamwork is what makes things run smoothly. It is a beautiful thing when you see sports teams operate with precision. It is just as beautiful to see different components come together to produce something fruitful. I am enjoying this now. I am enjoying this because of the expertise and experience of this man.

I appreciate it more now than ever before,because now, I do not take anything for granted. Life altering experiences alter one's perspective about so many things.
And the one I experienced follows suit. However it makes me truly grateful for meeting someone who is giving me the chance to work with him and produce something that is different and fun. If It were not for him, I would be nowhere and that is the truth. He does not need me to do what he does. He does what he does well and he has a great deal of experience doing it. I think that once he uses his knowledge to get us going, together we can do something that we could not do alone. It will be something that is good and hopefully a lot of people in Los Angeles and beyond will enjoy.
thank you Don garza

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