Thursday, December 13, 2007

San Julian Park Christmas tree

I do not know if it is only my observations but there seems to be a grass roots ground swell of empowering activity. I have just noticed some great things going on. People are getting jobs that arrived on Skid Row at the exact same time I did.
People who arrived at the same time i did are lecturing the clients of certain programs. We are remaining in the area, some by choice. In fact, more than a few are remaining to be of service to those that have followed behind us.

A couple of graduates have been hired recently to join the staff of programs. One of them is Candice. Her brother was the Crip's first front page killing in April of 1972. He was a friend of mine. In fact, her graduation ceremonies from the STRIVE program was the very first film clip I took with my new video camera this past summer.

Yesterday, while I was sitting here on the computer, I heard a police car stop and use the loudspeaker to tell people that loitering in front of the Union Rescue Mission was not aloud. I was surprised to hear that. I was happy to hear it.
It symbolizes what is going on in Skid Row across the board. People are kicking it up a notch.

There are people who have sprung up like dots on paper and now we are beginning to connect those dots with communication and collaboration.

I remember writing of the 3 on 3 skid row basketball league this past summer. Well, I will be writing, in the very near future about many more positive things that are beginning to take hold on Skid Row.

Yesterday was another example of Cooperation between the organizations down here.
Let's keep up this activity. Let's stay focused. Let's keep building and growing.
Let's promote the outstanding programs like STRIVE to the public. Now is not the time to relax. It is the time to put more petal to the metal.
This is the San Julian Park Christmas tree. The tree lighting will be tomorrow night.
I hope people other than the people from Skid Row attend the ceremony. It will be another step in the right direction of people coming together from all backgrounds.


dgarzila said...

great to see you posted about the Christmas tree lighting tonight. This will be the first SRO Christmas Tree Lighting I will have missed since I lived in skid row.

I will be in a theatrical production tomorrow night.

By the way Walter , the breakage in my sinuses of the blood vessels , the little clot that was left is now gone. So it looks like I will be able to begin the lessons I need to teach so you can get to the business of broadcasting from skid row and downtown los angeles.

Today is not a good day. I have to really clean up my house and then get ready for the theater performance tonight. But I swear the room will be all cleaned up. Then we will schedule a time to get those lessons started.

I have also recruited some more help and will be acquiring some more computers for the community space on Main Street. Then we can get to the business of getting these people some skills they can learn to be able to earn them some real money while they learn other skills.

I am still in need of a bigger hard drive.

City Center POZ said...

What time is the tree lighting ceremony?


skidrowscribe said...

6:00PM is the time for the lighting of the tree. Unfortunately, I can not make it.