Sunday, December 2, 2007

Union Rescure Mission Robbery is TRue

well, it turns out that the news was true. People tell me it was on the news this morning. Well, now, I feel better in getting the inside story.


you know what gets me. All of these dealers around people trying to recover. I used to just chalk it up to that being SkiD Row. However, the more I see it and the more I think about it there is more to it than that. These people are trying to save their lives. Some of these people, if they ever take another drink, smoke another rock or inject another needle, could kill themselves. It is that serious. If it is that serious, it seems to me that selling drugs in a drug recovery area should have a greater charge to it.

As you can see, what happened to Porsche really affected me. I am not happy about it.
Selling drugs in an area full of vulnerable people is beyond my ability to express the gall of it all--the nerve of it all. Christmas season is coming up and alot of people are going to feel down. I wish something can be done about this.

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donsyms said...

Find a place to get away from them. You have to devise means of protecting yourself. "Pops" taught you discipline and toughness. Use what you have learned to shield yourself from the madness. I love you!