Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Things come together with patience.

This is Shannon. I have read Shannon's comments on Blogdowntown and other blogs for months. It appeared that everyone knew who she was and that she was as popular as she was well known. Well, Last night, I finally had a chance to meet Shannon.
And yes, she has a delightful, engaging and refreshingly unpretentious personality.
It was immediately obvious to me why she is so liked by all of the bloggers.
Nice meeting you Shannon.

When I first came to Skid Row in February, on a few occasions, I found copies of the Downtown News. My mother used to bring them home when she worked at the Hall of Administration building on Temple. In the real estate business, it was always a way to keep in touch with what the players in the industry were doing downtown.

I picked up those papers this year to try and update myself with what was going on downtown. However, so much had changed. There were new players in the downtown real estate industry. The only name I did recognize was Tom Gilmore. I thought I would never get a grip on what was going on down here. I did not know if I was in a state of shock or what.

I never discarded those editions as I felt the information was important and would give me a foundation of knowledge in my new environment.

I have been clearing away clutter and reminders of the past-things that, in effect, create a high and strong drag coefficient on my forward progress, horizontally and vertically. I pulled out those old newspapers yesterday. I went through them.
Yes, You have come a long way, baby.

I absorbed the information and was familiar with the variety of subject matter that presented itself. Of course, I have been brought up to speed by reading many of the blogs and irritating people with thousands of questions. Many times, I had to ask questions more than once as I just did not get it.

Well, now I have gotten a few things. Most importantly I have gotten a few things within myself. That, in and of itself, paves the way for everything else in life, no matter what it is. In addition, I am more than acquainted with the subject matter, finally. Moreover, many of the people that are talked about or interviewed in the paper are people that I have met over the last few months. "OH, that's so and so from so and so place."

Last night, with the Christmas season in full stride along with the spirit that goes along with it, was perfect for alot of things to come together. I have missed many of the blog outtings but I could not have picked a better occasion than the
"bloggers on ice "(or blogger on ice as Shannon put it) to finally be at a group affair. And yes, I had on my new tennis shoes. When I first wanted to buy them, it was to celebrate a new job. Purchasing them yesterday was for a much different reason. It was too symbolize the coming together, at a new level, of a new me(still a work in progress,mind), one that is growing in a multiplicity of ways and is experiencing as many new things.

I remember, before Thanksgiving, I was worried about how I was going to make it through the holidays. I was going to be alone and I was going to think about my family. I was surprised by an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with a fine family and that healed so many wounds. They were wonderful. It was because if them that I no longer want to avoid a certain highway, etc. They do not know it, but that experience, has been a most beautiful, ongoing gift. They gift they gave to me was the gift of faith. That is most as precious as it is invaluable.

I was not worried about Christmas because of the faith they gave to me, the spirit of warmth that is ongoing, each day I am in Skid Row. Many times, I receive an email that encourages me to feel the spirit. Hell, it is that spirit that has provided me with courage to carry on, at times, when I did not think I could continue.

I received a phone call today and I was invited to spend Christmas with the same family with whom I spent Thanksgiving. I told them also about the developments in my own family situation. So, things are coming together. Just like meeting Shannon, I just had to be patient. It was worth the wait to meet Shannon and it has been worth the wait in having the hope, at times, if not the faith, that things would improve. They have. I have.

Good evening world, I love you.

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