Monday, December 10, 2007

Break from organizing


There have been certain moments that have benchmarked a new phase in my adventure downtown. Sometimes it is a new location from which to work. I am at the LIttle Tokyo Library. I started coming here the day before Thanksgiving. IT is a bit more upbeat and refreshing than the Central Library.

I have recently received emails from friends of mine from far away places. Those emails mean alot to me. They represent many things--things I know and things I do not yet know. Time will reveal the meaning as I grow.

I have been observing the downtown blogging community. It is unique in ways that I can not describe. I must grow in order to convey certain things.


Joe asked a question. Why do people put up with things. I do not know. The question evolves from that point. You create discussion from the questions and from there comes change.

I have wondered what is the next step. People can boycott. However, there must be an alternative to the present choices around here for a community statement to have weight.

Is there some way to form a coooperative like that which were formed in the seventies in college communities across the country. I remember there was a great one at 42nd and baltimore in west philly.

Is there some way to work out a flexible arrangement with distributors to enable a entrepreneur to incur a risk in opening up a competing and more cost friendly alternative to people in this community. I do not know what the answer is. This is when I must recall what my older friends did in the late 60's and early 70's.
They were involved in community activities while they were in college. They are all executives now. I was still in high school when they were doing these things. I need to ask them.

Don Garza has much experience in these matters. I am surprised I have not talked to him about this. He knows the steps. I am glad I thought of this issue to talk about because it touches on many things. One of them is it lets me know how little I know. (smile) It is one of the things we can explore together as we move forward to develop

There is a responsiblity, if you live in a community, and you blog, to address the needs of the community, I imagine. Each community has different needs. Each community has different issues that concern the indigenous population. Each issue has potentially different sets of procedures to solve the unresolved issues.

I guess, in this stage I am in, I ask myself what is it I need to do to further along change within the community. I am receiving feeback about the rampant drug usage in institutions and the availability of drugs in them. People are talking about it.

Joe asked about the prices and I felt I should do something about what he said. I have to realize that it is not MY crusade. It should be the communitie's crusade. I guess the first thing is what I did. I voiced my observation. Now, the next thing is to find out what the community feels about it.

I have received some additional information about pricing today. A couple of residents shared with me that a certain store charges different prices to different customers. I will look into that. These are things that I hope we discuss in open forum on

As you can see, this blog is a blog of asking myself questions, questions on how to grow? what is the proper direction to experience growth and how do I manifest that growth in my blog and in my teamwork with Don in our project? This is a new phase in my adventure and it is a bit of a different category in sharing. IT is different because I have not been at this stage before now.

It is good to see that residents of Skidrow are beginning to talk of things. I know that in my building there is dialogue on several topics.

I need to go back and continue the organization of my room. I have hundreds of pages of information everywhere. I have made a significant dent in it. I took a break in the work to get some fresh air.

Funny, while here, I had my first chat experience since I have been on skid row. So it was time well spent. I learned something about gmail and experienced it.
That is what this adventure is downtown-experiencing new things.

I wonder if anyone in Skid Row and the other downtown residential developments would be interested in forming some sort of Downtown Fitness Club.

PLease let me know.

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