Saturday, December 1, 2007

Patience walter--go study

Where is this shot taken? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Actually, I believe I took this shot at 8th and Main while waiting for my bike to be repaired.

I am bored. I am too much under the weather to go outside and I do not feel like talking about Skid Row. Do not feel like talking about anything. I wish I could find out how much progress Garza has made on setting up the new project. I endured a long wait while he was gone. Actually, I am very excited.

I thought of this within a month of landing in Skid Row. I wrote about it every day in the guard shack. I thought about the reasons why. The micro markets, the macro markets.

And now after all of that time, it is in the construction stage. Not too shabby.
It is happening at a time when other bloggers are brainstorming. IT is exciting for me. I have been only doing this for a couple of months and blogging has led to knowledge in so many different areas of the internet.

I wonder if that is how it was for others--the veritical factor is what they called it in entrepreneurship class at Penn. You start out at route A. along the way on route A you find out about route B. However, you never would have found out about B unless you went down A.

Well, I am learning about many routes since blogging.

I am waiting for the email list to spring forth some more food for thought. I guess eveyone is busy. I guess I should go back upstairs and study some more.

Maybe Garza will call me with some good news. I have been patient this long. I will be patient some more.

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