Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Eve--trying to push forward

This is the garden at the Little Tokyo Library. It adds to the tranquil atmosphere at the library.

Good morning folks. It is 8:30AM. I am at Chrysalis. I wanted to see a couple of things so I came here early.
As we speak the LA Mission is setting up for their Christmas affair on 5th street.
As I was walking out of my building, trucks with men following close by, were unloading barricades to be lined up on the street. It was quiet on the street this morning. It seemed like the only people that were standing around were the drug dealers. Apparently, they had no customers this morning.

I woke up early this morning. I read alot more about . I love to do research about the company for whom I want to work. I learned alot more about their scope and range as well as the industry in general.

i have loved the industry for years and seeing how much can be done with live video streams makes the possibilities endless.

I am struggling to finish my resume and send it to them this morning. I am trying to figure out if it would be smart to walk the resume in. Stickam is in downtown Los Angeles and it is the Christmas holiday. Maybe I can get lucky.

You know what is so funny. I have an email address called
it is the perfect introduction and matches the theme of the company and the industry. However, I can not access it from the place where I can use my flash drive. If I use Chrysalis, I can not use my flash drive and must put my resume on a disk as the computers are of an older generation. The complications of all of this can be a bit overwhelming.

Anyway, let me get to it and figure out something. Take care. Merry Christmas. I will touch base later today if I can.

I made it through the weekend. It was hard but I got through it. Does anyone think I should walk the resume in today. Let me know. Please leave a comment.

good morning world. I love you



I am so looking forward to your visit tomorrow. Our whole family is excited you have chosen to spend this special holiday with us! Sounds like you have kept yourself busy this weekend. I can't wait to hear all about your new endeavors.
Till tomorrow....feel the spirit....

Dallas Cowboys said...

Merry Christmas