Friday, December 21, 2007

More Library and Christmas meal pictures

This is another picture of the Little Tokyo Library. I sit in front of one of the computers alot.


yeterday, the LA Mission held a spectacular dinner for the residents. Mayor Villaraigosa was there serving the residents.

By the way, the balloons were a part of the Christmas decorations at the LA Mission luncheon. I know a special person who once told me she liked balloons. I love them also but I took the pictures with her in mind, especially, because I knew I would be using her computer to do my blog on Christmas evening.

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dars said...

the first thing i want to say you is that my english is bad XD , so try to understand =P

I like your blog (and the diary kind of blog)

I want to ask you a accion for me (i think thats a favour ..) i want the code of the template that you have. I have found the original version ...but i dont want the publicity in the up-zone.
Can you plz send me the code to my mail ( i want to use it for a new blog im going to open.

PD: your blog helps me to learn more english XD