Thursday, December 13, 2007

more downtown adventure

These pictures are obviously at the Grand Central Market on Broadway.
I was trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the day so I just felt like talking to you people.

I learned something today. I was trying to figure out how I could compliment the upcoming interview that Garza did with Barbara. I think I found the right person.
I have been thinking of her the last few weeks. She was a lady of refreshing mystery. I saw her at the Town Crier awards at the apartment of Russell Brown. Those were the awards where Don and Jan Perry presented to people who have distinguished themselves as good neighbors to everyone in downtown Los Angeles.

I just came back from taking a few pictures of the Fashion District. I am trying to expand in downtown and I think the fashion district is a nice start. As it happens, I came to the computer lab in the Transition house to up load some photos. I try to keep a few posted in draft form so I do not run out.

I decided to take a look at as they appear to be active in the downtown area. On the front page, was the mystery woman. It turns out she is a poet. Her name is Wendy. Hopefully, I can interview her for

I am learning what is necessary for two people to execute an ongoing project of this

I like seeing on Don's blog what he has come up with for our future viewers and it inspires me to find something comparable to go along with what he finds.

I can see where we will always come up with fun and interesting things to do and share with the downtown community and the community at large as time goes on.

What you are witnessing is someone who believes he is going to have fun doing something and will be able to share that fun and growth with the public. You have heard me moan and groan enough. I believe the worm is turning.

Must go. the computer lab is closing. Talk later tonight.

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