Monday, December 10, 2007

Ah, Hell NO

I am back in the building. I must confess. I did not pay attention. I just finished talking about price gouging and I went into this corner store. I wanted a half gallon of orange juice and two honey buns. I realized I was going to pay a premium but I was in for a shock. I walked out after using the ebt card and it said $7.57. I stopped dead in my tracks. Sure it is my fault. I know that. I expected a high price but I have to admit I did not expect that.

Dam, has it come to the point where buying a rock of cocaine is cheaper than buying food in Skid Row. Has it gotten to the point where a ten dollar rock will last you longer than paying the same amount for something to eat?

If that is the case, Joe, from CenterCityPoz, I may have your answer. I can speculate what those who get high will tell me. "Why spend ten dollars on food that will vanish quickly and then I have to go out and spend money again to do the same thing. If I by a rock of cocaine, I do not have to worry about getting hungry."

That is a sad statement on the prices of goods on Skid Row.

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