Friday, December 14, 2007

christmas tree and a morning surprise

The above photos were taken of the Christmas tree and a decoration at the Christmas tree lighting at San Julian Park (Fifth/San Julian) on Friday, December 14.

I had to go to a class but returned in time to still see the crowd, the bright lights on the tree and hear Christmas carols sung by a trio of women. It was a very warm atmosphere around the park that night and I was glad to be a part of the family spirit.
This morning, I was clearing out my phone and something told me to check on a few phone numbers. two of them were wrong numbers. I started to delete the third when a little voice told me to be patient. I was glad listened to that little voice.

After pushing the button, an automated voice came on,"Human Resources Department. Please hold. A representative will be with you shortly." I still started to hang up. I wondered if this was a new telemarketing ploy or Multi-level marketing pitch.

A man came on the line. He told me I applied to a company and the were getting back to me. He explained he was from a company that pre-screened applicants for fortune 500 companies. He pulled up my file and finally told me about the company.

Yes, I did apply to it. They were to communicate with me within three days. They never did. I thought they were not interested. They are an online company. It was over a month ago. I just forgot about them.

Things have changed, I see. Companies that are in a hyper-growth mode are using companies as intermediaries to screen for them-cutting down on costs and leveraging out the capabilities of the technology in place these days.

He asked me some questions and he told me I passed this phase. I would get an email with instructions to fill out. As the computer downstairs from my room was not reliable this morning, cutting off every couple of minutes, I walked down here to the Chrysalis Agency to access my email.

It is a good thing that I became more organized mentally and physically this past weekend. The application to be filled out requires that I have a clear, relaxed mind. I must write an essay explaining why I would be good in the position to which I am applying.

As writing ability is a key factor in this position, I chose not to hastily write something in order to quickly return the application.

I have other resumes to fill out and submit as well. I am glad I have evolved to the point where I can respond to things with increasing dispatch:mentally, emotionally, and physically. It bodes well that I do not obsess and hang on pins and needles, waiting for the company to get back to me.

Most importantly, I am not putting up barriers about background before they come up. If they do, they do. I can not live my life in a defeatist posture.
I believe I am heling from that malady.

People are in Chrysalis actively using the computers this morning. It appears that no one is playing around. People are looking for jobs.

The stereotype that people on Skid Row do not want to work should be evidenced by the large number of turn outs for the background actor postion for the upcoming Jamie Foxx movie. The beginning of production is weeks away and there is no guarantee that one will be picked. Yet, people endured up to a four hour wait to fill out the required preliminary documentation.

That is the situation in the beginning of this week, Monday, December 17.

I must return to my room and tighten things up even more as I put more applications in for employment and must be able to respond.

Good morning, world. I love you

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