Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Dealer's Dream

I left the Little Tokyo Library and walked around the area.

MY thoughts were on an email I received from France. A friend of mine wrote me a quick note. He is the CEO of a major corporation. He read my blog and wanted to send me a note of encouragement. I couldnt believe it. I have thought about him often during this past year.

I walked by a mission and, suddenly, while I was talking with someone, a man grabbed a woman, and started to yell at her. He came from inside the grounds of a mission.
"Where is my money. I told you I wanted my money today. "

"I am sorry, please give me until tomorrow," she pleaded.

The man, with whom I was talking, told me about the lady. She lives in one of the missions. She buys drugs from someone in the mission. He gave ger credit but she paid another dealer, from another mission, first, when she received her SSI check.

She was clean before she entered the mission. She was pressured every day to smoke crack by one of the men in the mission who wanted to have sex with her. She avoided all of them. However, the dealers and other predators are patient. They know that life will bring something her way that is difficult to handle. They will wait. They will be patient. They will be ready when the opportunity comes.

It came. Her mother became sick and she was depressed. The drug dealer masked his intent with kindness. He was very intentive and then,when she was at a weak moment, he pulled out some rocks. He did not offer it to her. He let her see it so she knew it was there. He was crafty. He knew that it would be on her mind on would grow in importance as a weed grows in a garden.

Finally, in the middle of the night, when her demons were at their worse, he took out a pipe and took a hit of cocaine. He did not offer her any but she looked long and hard. He knew she had her in his cross hairs. The next time who pulled on the pipe, when he was about to put it up, she reached for it and took a hit herself.
The fox finally had the hen. She has not been the same since that night.

The foxes are in the proverbial hen house. All of the hen houses. Who is going to protect the hens who are trying to save their own lives? How many more women will fall so can he can satisfy his sexual urges and need to conquer and capitalize.

The missions have a responsibility to protect these people. Open up your eyes.
Don't be Ostriches. Somebody is trying to tell you what is really going on in your missions.
I came back here and told the story to some men. They told me the same thing. They told me how they used to smoke cocaine inside the missions. IT was more difficult during the day, but at night, after "lights out", it was easy. They just put the blankets over their heads. They said it is a common practice. They said the missions are a coke dealer and cocaine smoker's dream. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

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