Tuesday, December 18, 2007

bloggers on Ice

These are more pictures from the "bloggers on ice" affair the other night.
I unexpectedly took time today to learn how to do some video work. It turned out well. It turned out so well that I forgot to go to a Men's Group at the Marshall HOuse where I live. The case manager mentioned it to me before when I went to the casting call for the movie. Of course sro housing corp. wanted all of the people to go to the casting call but that did not sit too well with the case manager. Of course he does not do anything to help anyone down here. He might be pissed and want to kick me out of the program.

I was able to interview a person about drug addiction and his period or relapse. I think it gave some insight into what he was feeling while he was back on the streets using drugs again. "I felt like I was a wild animal", were his words. That was a power description and it gave me some insights as to how people feel when they relapse.
I shall let you know how to access the video as soon as I know how to do it.

I may not be able to upload pictures for a while. They have inadvertently changed the settings where I post them and it may take a while for me to be able to upload them. therefore I will have boring blogs. I am sorry folks. I did not want that to happen. However, I knew sooner or later, something would happen. I do not have my own computer and I never know what will happen. I am glad I have had a chance to learn during the time I was able to upload the photos. I hope I will continue soon.
I have learned to make adjustments when unexpected events alter the path of growth. I no longer think these things are the end of the world.

I do cherish my blogging and desire to improve at it. I hope the settings are changed soon. Otherwise, I have only the photos that I have left in different drafts awaiting my write up.

In the meantime, I must see what this case manager has to say to me about missing the group session. What did I miss? Nothing. I missed some guys who do not want to be there and who do not feel like saying to everyone that they are having problems that no one can help them with that say they are going to help them.

The case manager I am talking about told me to go to the court to find out about classes.
When I first arrived at the building to live he told me he would help me with problems, one at a time, and when one was solved, we would handle another.

He has been absolutely useless. That is the case more than not on Skid Row.

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meekorouse said...

Hi Walter I just found your blog and I wanted to say that it was nice meeting you the other night at "bloggers" on ice.

I hope I wasn't rude to you or anything I get kind of embarrassed and shy easy if I think I made a mistake... I thought you knew Shannon too. It does seem like everyone knows her. She is super nice! (as so many of the folks I met the other evening are including yourself). I'm not so good with crowds.

ps: you took some good photos! (I'm still learning myself).