Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Beautiful Day

Today was a bright and wonderful day. I found my flash drive and memory card while cleaning up the room. To celebrate, I went out and took some pictures. this is the first of a few that will appear on the blog. I took this picture while standing on the roof of my building in skid row.

I decided to get some air after studing the trends of the internet. you know how it is when you want to learn something about the net. You must plug in key words in the search box until the right thing comes up. I have been punching words for the same question for about 5 months now. It is amazing how just a little difference in how I phrase things results in a huge difference in the information I receive.

I am fascinated with certain aspects of the internet and what it can do. It takes time but with perserverence I catch on little by little. I guess that is what intrigues me about the downtown blogging community. They know alot about the internet and certain trends. the community is a mixture of formally taught and self taught. It is very eclectic. IT has potential far beyond what is visible at this point.

Being down here at this time reminds me of stories of people who lived in apartments in Hollywood or New York and pioneered their way to very outstanding careers.Maybe they were writers, actors or musiciians. They lived in small apartments. They ate food out of cans, if they had money to buy food. Then, alot of them became famous as their hard work, sacrifice and dedication to their passion paid off. I look forward to seeing the downtown bloggers do the same as downtown and the new media evolves.

There is one thing that is unique about Skid Row that I think makes the location very special. It is equidistant from all of the other districts in downtown Los Angeles. Also, it is the only area in downtown that has a virtually 360 degree clear view of its surroundings. Nothing blocks long views if one were to stand on the roofs of buildings.

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