Saturday, December 1, 2007

6th & Stanford Arrests

It is most appropriate that I show this Fashion District sign.
As you know there was a shooting death of a Fashion District Merchant
last month. My sources inside the Central Division told me that it was a rare kind of crime--to rob and still shoot someone.

Yesterday morning my sources told me, just a minute ago, that four arrests were made at 6th and Stanford. Apparently, four men were robbing people at gun point in the rain. The officers drove up right at the time of a robbery and apprehended the suspects. This is the kind of news that flies beneath the radar of the mainstream media. We live with these kinds of things everyday on Skid Row.

This information does not fly beneath our radar and we, at Scribeskidrow, are happy to bring this news to you.

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Dallas Cowboys said...

Walter, thanks for the updated news. This is the type of information that the mainstream media does not cover for one reason or another. People on skid row are victimized on a daily basis. The police are here to protect us.

Keep up the good work!