Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Tree , OH Christmas Tree

It has been a long week. IT was important to experience this week. I put a few things behind me. This picture is symbolic of that . I took this picture last weekend. I kept getting the dates wrong for the tree lighting. But I had to go back to the tree.

I wrote about how I went back to court in Philadelphia on the day after Christmas and the judge reversed his decision in the favor of my real estate partnership.

I wrote how I was able to heal when I rode up highway 210 to have Thanksgiving dinner. (I have not posted my gifts from Reilly and McKenna. that will be tomorrow. They are on my wall I will take a picture of them tonight).

On December 26 of last year, I saw the Christmas tree outside of City Hall. It was a gray windy morning that morning. the streets of downtown were empty. The tree did not look inviting. It looked cold and callous. City hall did not look shiny and proud. It looked mean and vicious. I was not standing with a camera in my hand trying to get a great picture of the tree. I was in a Sherriff's bus chained to two other people. I kept adjusting to be comfortable in my seat. That is how I saw the city of Los Angeles tree last year. I had to make an appearance in court only because a Public Defender thought I would wanted to see him.

Why would I want to see him. This was the same guy that said if I say I have "MENTAL ILLNESS" that it would help me. He said he thought I would want to speak to him. He knew I would not be seen by the judge. What and idiot. Why would I want to come all the way downtown and told to bend over and spread them and be chained to people to speak to someone that could only tell me to Plead 'MENTAL ILLNESS".

Oh yes I forget. I could commit fraud like everyone else and get my Social Security Income check for 900 dollars. You all know that is all the rage by everyone who is a con artist on skid row. Fake mental illness and get on section 8. Of course it does not matter that other people need it. It only matters that the hipster and drug dealer crowd tell their friends and cronies about it so they can use services that should be available to those who need it.

I wonder if that is the reason why no one hears about section 8. It has been cancelled except if you are mentally ill. Of course you have to know the right things to say and not care if you walk around with that label. It amazes me that no one has noticed that all of a sudden there is a proliferation of mental illness in the male population that used to be gang bangers. All of them hang together and all of them stay in the same buildings. Isn't that interesting to anyone.
All of these black men that parade in and out of doctor's offices. They have de facto approval from public defenders that tell them to plead mental illness.

I had to visit that tree this year. I have visited it on several occasions because I love Christmas. I could not live forever remembering the only time I saw the City Christmas tree was when I was in a Sherriff Bus in chains. So I have been there a couple of times to heal myself. I just stand there and reflect on the pass year. I remember how I felt that day when I was chained up. I remember the public defender.

Oh yes, Skid Row starts out there in jail with the public defenders and other components but the Public defender office is right in the middle of what goes on in Skid Row. I will talk about that later.
I finished another class. It is enjoyable. I finished another week and I am marching forward.

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