Sunday, December 2, 2007

Change is coming faster

Above is the Walt Disney Concert Hall taken on Sunday while walking around downtown.


The streets of Skid Row are humming this morning with a rumor that a burglary of one of the missions netted the burglars well over 100,000 dollars. My source says it is alot more but I have to factor in two things: the probability of occurence (could this really have happened and how would so many people know about it.) and the exaggeration index. How much embellishment goes into this story.

When I arrived at Chrysalis this morning, everyone was talking about it. It is the topic of conversation and the streets, today. I hope it is not true. However, I will keep you posted on breaking news.

Meanwhile, in my life, I am reorganizing and moving forward. Alot has been done but there is so much more to do. There is so much more to understand. There is so much to consider. I have seen so many things since a year ago, I have come into contact with, literally, hundreds, if not thousands, of people. I have felt so many things, experienced so many things.

All of this and yet I must not stop. I must reorganize to keep pace with the ongoing changes that occur every day in my life. Today, I am reorganizing.
I must stream line some more. I must create easier accessibility to things.
Time to go. Must get to work.

I do not know what it is but change is in the air. I must harness positive energy and focus. On going change has been a characteristic of this experience that is a constant. IT seems that the rate of change is occurring even faster now than before. Focus, walter

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