Tuesday, December 11, 2007

hollywood and Skid Row team up.

Casting Coordinators were on Skid Row yesterday to begin acquiring an inventory of potential background actors to be in an upcoming movie by Dreamworks,"the Soloist".

The movie is about a musician, Nathaniel ayers, a homeless, schizoprenic man who eventually plays at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The movie is directed by Joe Wrightan English director, who overcame dyslexia to distnguish himself with the ability to bring out dramatic aspects of acclaimed literary pieces. He is also the director of 'Atonement'. Jamie Foxx will play the role of Nathaniel Ayers. The movie will star Robert Downing , Jr. as well.

SRO Housing, Volunteers of America and the Midnight Mission worked together to provide this opportunities for their clients. Central Casting has agreed to waive processing fees to join their casting call inventory pool. Therefore all who sign up will be able to work as a background artist in all non-union movies or tv shows.

I believe it is a marvelous development. if the Skid Row organizations can continue to consistently collaborate on that level the potential for success in Skid Row is without limits.

Don Garza of Centralcity E will have a much more extensive write up.

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