Friday, December 14, 2007

A Night of warmth

I took this picture earlier in the day today. It is a mural on 9th and Maple in the Fashion District. I wanted to see different things and share the different things that I experience with everyone.

I believe that these murals are a very special class of art. I am not knowledgeable enough to describe what they do for me but they give life to buildings. They add another texture to things.


I was in the fashion district because it is very vibrant. It has alot of energy in it. There is a great expectation of things to come. You can feel it in the air. There is a great diversity of people there. From what I can see, the fashion district is more diverse than any other area of downtown. I could be wrong but that is they way I see it.

I made it back in time to still see a crowd of people at the Christmas tree lighting.
I did not remember until I left that Don Garza could not make the lighting of the tree. When I remembered, I started to stay for it. However, I eventually did what I had to do and went to the class.
However, luck was with me. I returned and was able to take a few nice pictures of the tree. It was gorgeous. I ran over to the computer lab to post the pictures but the lab is closed for tonight.

Look for the pictures in tomorrow's posting and also in the photo section of

I must say the week ended nicely. There was a real warm feeling on Skid Row tonight- a cozy feeling that lasts and embraces you. You feel safe and secure when you get that feeling. The park, which is usually full of drug dealers during the day, was clear of them tonight.

I hope that people hold on to the feeling that was in the air tonight. It can be the fuel to bring much more change to skid row in the upcoming year. I will do my best to keep that feeling inside of me and protect it. It was a special night tonight. It was a sign of things to come. You could feel that people were going to protect the sensations that the night gave to them. You could feel the strong sense of community and that more is to come.

Good night world, I love you.

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