Thursday, December 13, 2007

Barbara--Skid Row Artist

The woman in the Skid Row photo is Barbara. She is a member of the artist community that is growing on Skid Row. Once or twice a week she sits outside of San Julian Park to paint. She does oil painting and is quite good at it.

A couple of days ago, Don Garza of did an interview with Barbara. She talks about the positive changes occurring in Skid Row and details the misperceptions that people outside of Skid Row have of those who live on Skid Row.
Look for it to appear on our list of videos available for viewing.

Currently, there is an interview that Garza did with City Attorney Jose Egurbide about this support of the Skid Row Basketball League.


Thanks for being patient with us, people. It is taking us time to find our way but, slowly, we are doing just that. will start airing live very soon.

Anyway, Barbara is another example of that strong foundation of positive change that is building on Skid Row.

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