Tuesday, December 25, 2007

reilly and mckenna and their beautiful gifts

Well my friends, this is Reilly and McKenna. They are the very healthy and active kids of Kevin and Debbie, the great friends of mine that had me out to their house for Christmas. Reilly and McKenna made me the lovliest art pictures for Thanksgiving and Reilly created another one for Christmas. Their gifts to me were the greatest gifts in the world. However even their gifts do not surpass the feeling I get from being around them. They are so smart and kind to eachother. I learn alot from watching them.

Oh yes. While I was there, Bubbles, their goldfish died. It had been a part of the family for 4 years. I must pay my tribute to bubbles. When I had goldfish, they did not last a couple of weeks. I don't know if I did something wrong or not. 4 years. I think McKenna did very, very well.

IT is about 6:30 in the evening. I was a little melancholy. Not down but a bit out of sorts. I needed to do more. I needed to feel more. I need to push forward.

I found myself walking down fifth street. I could see the US Bank building in the distant with its green and red christmas lights at the top of the tower. I wondered which set of windows belonged to Stickam.com. I stared for a minuted at the building and turned north onto Los Angeles street.

The winds were blowing in Skid Row tonight. I could not feel them. I was in a trance. I was walking and did not know where I was going. "Weed, weed. Cavi, Cavi were the utterances of drug dealers as the strained to get my attention. I kept walking. I always keep walking. They keep trying. They never give up.

I found myself in front of a computer terminal in the Little Tokyo library. I did not even remember walking through the front door. I punched in gmail.com and the next thing I knew I was looking at pictures of my mother. I looked at them for a long time. She still had the key chain around her neck that I purchased.

Turning to another email address I have, there was an email from an attorney. He told me to do something. My god, the endless, ongoing efforts to do something that should be simple but isn't.

Finally, I came to blogger. It does something for me when I blog and share my daily journey. Sometimes I cover things. Other times I give an opinion. However, I like it when I share this adventure of self discovery with cyberspace.

There was a comment from someone. I thought it was from someone I knew. After I opened it up, I just smiled. I needed to hear what the person said. The person said he or she liked my blog. They liked the journal/diary style of it. It helps them learn more english as well.

You did good, walter, I thought. I am helping someone in some way. Well, my friend, you helped me as well. It is a good thing.

I turned to the pictures again. I looked and looked.
I went to downtownlabroadcasting. I needed to discover some ideas that would enable me to enhance the site or to integrate my ideas into a produtive mode. The picture of my room door that I saw did that to me. I always had this idea of broadcasting from that room with the window open and the camera on. Cars would drive by and be seen by the viewing and listening public. I have had that dream since August 13,2001.

For some reason, I am coming up with substantive ideas. When you blog, you publish. Publishing is broadcasting in a different mode. You learn about the power of it. You learn about the power to yourself that you are giving.

I have some good sound business ideas that I have been working on for some time. For some reason, looking at those pictures helped spur on some creativity. My mother was in the room when I debuted on earthcam in August of 2001. She was also in show business. Therefore I feel her spirit will rub off on me.

I do not have the energy to find new things to study tonight. I shall see a couple of websites and see if I learn something quickly. I shall go home and sit in the quiet of the room and envision putting together the components of my plan.

I will also call Don. I hope he is ok. I have not talked to him since finding out about his niece. God bless her.

I have a few more minutes. I will sit in front of the terminal and look at the pictures of my mom again.

I shall look at stickam and see if there is more to learn that I missed.
I shall go home and work on the cover letter that is so important.

It is funny that I read so much about that company. I see how the potential for internet live streaming is so endless. I would like to be a part of it. I am doing the little things to make it happen. I have wanted this for years.

It is funny how writing for years has lead to blogging and then blogging led to video production(as novice as I am). However, the learning process and awareness level of what is out there has grown exponentially. It is sort of remarkable.

I must learn some more. Well, I must find something more to learn before I go home. First I must see my mom again. I feel her deeply. I feel my sister as well. Thank you, everyone for letting me share and organize my life in front of you.

Good night world, I love you.


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