Saturday, December 1, 2007

Week's wrap up

it is Saturday morning, and I am sitting in the library of Little Tokyo.

I am still a little bit under the weather but I managed to finish the blogs for which I had photos that remained in the draft section. Please take a look at them, especially More Central Divsion--History.

Jose Egurbide, of the City Attorney's office, did what most people should do. It is what I try to do as much as possible. He asked me yesterday. "Where do the homeless go when it rains."

It was a good question. I do not know the answer. I know that I looked outside of a window last night and I did not see one person on the street. Not one.

Homeless Connect day is on Dec.6 at the Union Rescure Mission. Do not forget it.


My interview with the LA Times Reporter is on December 5th. Does anyone have any questions that I should ask the times reporter--such as do they think they have any responsiblity in reporting the ongoing situation on SkiD Row? Anything.

They only way we can move forward is to ask questions. There are no dum questions.


I received a couple of emails from students around the country. Apparently they want to ask me questions about Skid Row. I will be glad to help, of course. However, I made it clear to them and I remind myself that I am no expert of Skid Row.
There are none. There are too many aspects of Skid Row for one to know about.


It is good to see Don Garza posting away again at Central City E.
I turned to his blog and saw Kirk Douglas. It reminded me of the times that Kirk Douglas came to the Harvard School campus and would do readings of select plays.
His sons, Peter and Eric, went to school with me.

Oh yes, that reminds me. I owe a story about Judy Stewart,Jimmy Stewart's daughter. She was at Marlborough School when I was at Harvard. She awas a cheerleader. I called her my "Angel of Christmas Warmth". It is my special story about Chritmas and the Harvard School family. That will be soon.

I was a little down yesterday. the flu did not help and certainly contributed to my attitude. As usual when that happens I receive a surprise.

This time it came in two forms: One was an email from my sister. I was surprised, indeed, to get a response from her. I think she was being nice when she had been reading my blog. I had to laugh. She told me a while ago to begin taking little steps. Well, in the email, she told me that I should write some stories, package them, and then submit them to THE NEW YORKER. My mouth dropped. I would not necessarily call them "little steps".

I think she was too young, if she was even born, to remember that magazine was dad's favorite. It was sent to the house. I do not think she remembers.

Anyway, she gives me more credit than I deserve. However, I will attempt to do as she suggests. Ms Downtown Chick already has me on the story telling trail.

The second surprise was this genius email that was sent to me from the blogging community downtown. I thought it was genius. I started thinking about ways it can be used for an idea I have.

It is funny to sit back and read the banter between the people. I was especially intrigued at the subject matter regarding blog advertising. It comes at a time that I have been reading much about blog marketing and the growing industry of blogging.
I did not know there was one.

These downtown bloggers are good. I am not one of the good ones. I just try to learn. Anyway, there are several things I do know that comes with longevity. They have a refreshing bit of power. I wonder if they realize how good they are. I wonder if they realize how great they are. When I meet them I will tell them.

I must ask a question in that email. I bet they can answer it. I just wonder how they were able to do what they did.

Anyway, with the start of classes, and the return of Garza, a new phase of this experience begins. I hope I can add the communication from my sister as a sign of good things to come. 'We deserve the chance to get to know one another, finally.

I definitely view that blogger email list as a graduate course in alot of things and a baptismo in other things.

I must take a couple of pictures that intrigue me today. I probably will not be able to get on another computer today. Only 3 are available at the Transition House
and the one at the Marshall House is erratic at best. I will probably sit back
and study HTML and something so at least I will know something, sooner or later,
about what these bloggers are saying and doing.

I do know this. That mailing list is big stuff. It marks a new phase. It is a phase that can take them to any level of anything they want. One day, when we are together I will share with them my thoughts. Right now. I enjoy the catilus the ignited in me, that allows me to brainstorm on potential happenings.

For now, I enjoy watching them go back and forth. Reminds me when I was at the Wharton School and we would talk all night about potential businesses in which to get involved.

good afternoon world. I love you.

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