Thursday, December 13, 2007

mural and all that it means

This mural is on Broadway, a few feet south of the Grand Central Market. I wanted to keep taking new pictures of people and places in the downtown area that I find interesting. I find it interesting that it is one of the things my sister said to do.
It is Friday morning, the 14th of December. The San julian tree lighting is tonight. I may miss it as I have a class that is mandatory to attend. I hope there is a large turnout from all of the districts of Skid Row. That is why I posted this
mural. IT has a kaleidoscope of colors. There is a kaleidoscope of different types of people in downtown Los Angeles. I pray there is much diversity in the crowd tonight.

I have been clearing out my emails and putting things in folders so I can see clearly and move quickly. I read something that my sister said to me that I missed in previous readings. "Keep up the good work". I do not think she has ever said something like that to me. I was surprised I missed it. It goes to show you how the mind can be programmed to miss certain things:things that can me so much to you.

In clearing out things from my email, I often see things that remind me of my state of mind during that period of time. Sometimes I wonder how I made it through that period to be where I am. I look at my email destinations from the end of the summer until now. They have changed as I have gone through this journey.

I see where I initiated relationships through my email to where the emails reflect an ongoing development. I see where I started carving out a support system to where I see a support system in place. I see where I asked the most novice of questions concerning writing or blogging to where I am receiving emails of broad spectrum concerning the blogging community and how to improve one's site.

I see where I am communicating more with people that I have known all of my life compared to months ago where I communicated with no one.

I see where I struggled with putting together the beginnings of a basic resume and that has developed into more creative and eye catching material that may give me a better chance to secure an opportunity.

I see where I wanted things to be in place and, now, some of those things are in place and I am actively doing what needs to be done to accomplish certain things.
I could not find required classes for months and months. Now I am in the classes.
I am going to them, once a week. Tonight is one such night that I will be in the class.

In short, I am in the funnel of accomplishment, learning and discovery. Things are in place that need to be in place to satisfy requirements and I have taken the little steps necessary to begin a unrelenting search for gainful employment.
those little steps required large mental transition and many times that transition required multiple leaps over obstacles when I did not know obstaces, within, were present.

I am able to respond with dispatch when an opportunity presents itself. A few minutes ago, a job posting was put on the wall, here at Chrysalis. It was a customer service job that is not too far from here. Immediately, I researched it out and shot off an email. They may or may not get back to me. It does not matter. I did what I was suppose to do. Sooner or later, something will come my way.

I find that streamlining reveals a trail of activity that started with such uncertainty and self doubt and turning into a trail that is increasing in discipline,
new experiences, new knowledge and capabilities. It is frightening, still. However, it is less frightening. The process started years ago but I am beginning to have longevity at this stage of the process.

I remember when I realized I had longevity at my former residence. Little things started to happen. Now I am at a new place. I am beginning to establish longevity, and with that, comes credibility with others and with oneself. IT is an interesting process.

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