Thursday, December 27, 2007

Live Broadcasting. We did it. What a way to start the year.

Happy New Year everyone. I am glad to be sitting here this evening. A funny thing happened to me last night. I sat at this computer and wrote a long blog. I covered quite a few areas. I talked about the components of the social infrastructure of Skid Row. I talked about a few issues that came up on the KNBC show, "forgotten neighbors.

Suddenly, my computer crashed. Usually, there is an application in Blogger that provides for autosaving. I had been writing for a long time so I knew that everything had been saved when the crash occurred. WRONG.

Everything was gone. Completely gone. Those of you who have read a few of my blogs know that my blogs tend to be long winded. Well, this blog would have made all of my other blogs look like one liners. Yes, this baby was long. I mean loooooooooong.

Usually, I would just retype it but as the day progressed, there seemed to be no point. The view points were good. They were based upon sound analysis. But it all seemed so old. Why?

Because today was the first day that Don Garza and I went LIVE on Yes, folks. We finally did it. I really did not believe it was going to happen. But it did.

It is amazing what one little show can do for one's insight into what it takes to do something. First I reached back into my experience of being an extra, years ago. I made sure I had on clothes that had high contrast quality to them. Then, I had a clipboard, upon which I could take notes etc.

Of course, I walked through Don's door and he ribbed me about my dress. He was funny as he ribbed me about my collared shirt. It was too preppy for him. He is a natural at this. He ribbed me on air about it. I did not engage in the banter as it was all new to me but I shall next time. That will a basic part of the show, getting on eachother's case.

I learned alot. Oh yes, I finally had a chance to meet Dave Bullock, of eecue. He stopped by while Don was making a presentation and I was sitting there looking stupid. As I said, it was a learning process.

We covered alot of things about Skid Row in the three hours that we were on air. Don knows quite a bit of history and it showed in the perspective that he gave to commentary.

I think he explained somethings that Dave did not know. It taught me something. Dave Bullock is someone who is well aware of things. He asked for explaination of some things that really are not germane to anyone's life if they are not living in Skid Row, even though they may come up in conversation in the downtown living room's and entertainment rooms. I know for myself, that it has taken months to gain clarity on somethings. So if Dave asks for clarity on an SRO issue or definition then it tells me that the public at large is largely unaware of the nature of Skid Row life. I know I was and I was living in Skid Row. I am still pretty much unaware of things.

Today set a new standard. It set a higher floor level of awareness and exposure to the world of multimedia and it drew a line in the sand as to what can be expected of me this year. I finally was a part of something that I have been wanting to do for some time.

When I came back to my room, I Looked up stuff about internet television. It is amazing how three months ago, I could find only a few things about internet television. Now, I can reference many different aspects to this growing industry. I can name at least 30 venues that air live or recorded video streams. Yes, I have grown and have grown enough to barely crawl. It is fun. It is exciting.

I wish someone I know would agree to do, on the downtownlabroadcasting channel, a weekly show on interior design. I think it would be a hit and would be a vehicle to gain clientel. However, it is presumptuous of me to think that is a goal of the person. I think she would great at it. Just great.

Anyway, all of this seemed to make last night's blog irrelevant. Not the information but the timing of it. Something tells me that today's event will alter my perspective. If nothing else it will change how I decide to deliver the information that I thought was so good. Mind you, the operative words are "I thought".

I must go. I must study some things and get ready for the first day of the year. I want to get some resumes out. Tomorrow is the day the resume goes to

It was a great way to start the year. That Christmas tree says it all. The person who owns it
creates the spiritual standard. And, she should know, I feel it. thanks you guys.

happy new year world. I love you.


Dallas Cowboys said...

Walter, Happy New Year! Next time you broadcast call me I want to see it.

Way to go "Watler Koncrete."

dgarzila said...

We had 17 visits yesterday to website.

We had 37 on december 17th for some odd reason. Who knows but it shot up yesterday to 17 visits. there were 29 pageviews yesterday.

It looks like we are popular. Dave put us on his blog at
and there were referrals from your blog and my blog. Mine being the most thus far.

Gotta go post on that we will be broadcasting at 4 pm today

dgarzila said...
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meekorouse said...

Happy New Year Walter.

dgarzila said...

oops we will be posting at 2 pm.

I can't beleive I put down 4

dgarzila said...

I mean broadcasting at 2 pm