Thursday, December 6, 2007

Homeless Connect and Future momentum

Homeless Connect Day
booths were lined up on 5th street from San Pedro to Wall streets today with
service providers of all types doing there best to provide useful information for the homeless. USC Dental School, The Public Defender's Office, County USC Hospital,
General Relief of County and Public Counsel are only a few organizations that were there today. Volunteers hurried around and tried their best to provide information.

Food and Drink were provided. Hygiene kits and blankets were handed out and a jazz band provided entertainment for everyone.

I often wonder why I did not see the television networks down here to cover this. Coverage from the television networks could encourage others to participate and get involved with what is going on to help the people on Skid Row. When Skid Row is helped, our city is helped. When the homeless on Skid Row make progress, our city makes progress.

We need to keep a sustained and consistent energy of effort on resolving the problems that people have on Skid Row. I believe if they see the efforts of others, they will get swept up by it and feel encouraged that they will have help in solving their problems. They will get off of the sidelines and begin to fight for themselves. If one gets up , then another will get up and sooner or later their is a collective momentum. There will be a synergy that will empower those on Skid Row. Soon it will be "hip" to be a part of the group that is trying to clear up their lives. As that spreads, the negative energy put forth by people will have less influence. Positive energy and positive people will have more influence. At least be more competitive. Drug dealers will have less control over people and of the environment.

Yesterday, I showed two members of the Editorial Board the computer Lab of
the STRIVE program. The lab was packed. Eric Edwards had just started his new class. It had 15 enrollees, his largest class. They had to reconfigure the class and arrange for additional computer equipment to be delivered to accomodate the increase in students. I remember when the program started in April. They had 5 students in that class. Some students dropped out. Now, men and women are fighting to get in the class, and the program in general. Momentum. It works. It can work on Skid Row, in general.

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Kevin said what a great turn out yesterday was. It does make me sad to know that there was no media coverage at the event. What a shame. If there is ever an event that effects the people of skid row and you think having media there could help , let me know and I will make some calls to let them know what is going on. I'm sure more organizations would have participated if they knew about it. Stay strong. Feel the spirit.