Thursday, December 6, 2007

court is still confused

The court continued it for another progress report to April. They wanted to do it one year from now but I want it earlier. They still do not have the facts right. IT just amazes me that they do not have the facts straight and that I keep getting different information.

The one good thing that I found out is that it can be reducable to a misdemeanor. Goes to show you how the PD just did not care at all. Between now and then there is a whole lot of stuff that has to be done that should have already have been done.

"you are the perfect client. You do everything you are suppose to do." Why dont they do what they are suppose to do. At least get the facts straight. And not waste time.

I am glad Dia was there from OMelveny and Meyers. That is a start in the right direction.

Four months, I have had to have in my mind the essay the judge wanted me to write for him. I wrote it last night and had it ready. He did not even ask for it. I wasted all of that energy for nothing.

The system is nothing nice. One big messed up system.

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donsyms said...

You took the time to write the essay; read it;think about it; make meaning for yourself. It did you some good. Hang in there. I love you!