Saturday, December 8, 2007

Missions should clean House

I woke up this morning and I thought of how difficult it is to get the truth out. I thought of my situation and the only person I really care about to know the truth is my sister. IT is as difficult as getting the truth out about these treatment centers.

I was in court the other day. I explained to a public defender that I sat in a place for 7 months and they did not do anything. I told him it was a waste of time to sit there all of that time and I still have to do these other classes. Of course the cahnged again on what classes I had to do.

"It was not a waste of time", he said. "You are clean aren't you?"

I was stunned. "I was clean before all of this, I said".

The Transition House, Volunteer of America, had nothing to do with my being clean. I made that decision a few years ago and worked hard to rid myself of the need for drugs.

These programs take credit for things that they do not do. they do not do the things they are suppose to do.

Public Defenders say stupid things to justify their dropping the ball.

Here is the truth. When you walk into the TRansition House, the first thing they ask you is do you have any money. I was court ordered. They had no choice with me.
However, people that walk off of the street better have money. They may not have a bed open on their 9th floor facility at the Weingarten. They will house you at the transition house until one opens up or they will try to call elsewhere. If you have no money you can forget it. You can not get in.

Reports come back all of the time that clients must endure verbal abuse. I have seen it many times.

Some places the tell you to go to a few meetings, they give you a certificate and send you to court. the court releases you. they place gets their money and then the person relapses. 80% of the people relapse that depend on these places to guide them.

Astoundingly, those that know that the treatment centers are no good, help themselves and I have talked to at least 100 people that feel that way. Only 4 have relapsed. I do not know if we just gravitated to each other or what. I do know that the people on Skid Row who remain clean from drugs do not rely on the program.
They rely on themselves. The ones who rely on the programs are brainwashed and are told that they can not help themselves--that they are powerless. They walk away confused and await the next relapse.

There are men and women who have gone to as many as 20 programs in the skid row area and are still going to them. They can be honest with themselves. They need someone who can guide them along a self probing path. None of that exists on Skid Row.

I ask them what do the programs consist of? We go to AA,CA,NA meetings.

How is it that people are sentenced to places for help where there are more drug dealers than counselors? How is it that the counselors at many of these places relapse at a faster rate than the clients?

Do the missions (LA Mission, Union Rescue, Midnight, Fred Jordan) know that drugs are being sold inside of their missions. If they do not know it, somebody needs to let them know. Everybody on the streets of Skid Row knows it. Everybody know crack is smoked in the missions.

Everybody knows that, within the missions, are cliques of drug dealers.

Everybody knows that a percentage of the people who live in the buildings have places they can go but they stay there, in the missions, to watch out for their money. They make sure their drug business flourishes.

If the missions were to truly scrutinize their clientele, they would realize that at least 25% of their beds could be freed up for people who truly need them instead of those beds being de facto offices for drug dealers.

The drug dealers know that checks come between the 1st and the 10th. They let people have credit until the checks come. They keep their eyes on the people to whom they gave credit to make sure they do not leave or that they do not try to get credit from other dealers that are housed in the building or in other buildings.

When the transfer payment comes they march down to a nearby atm machine where the dealers have a bunch of ETB cards on them. The person who owns the card must give the dealer the card and the pin number to get the credit. THAT IS HOW IT WORKS.

That would be the first step in helping those that really want to change their lives.
Get rid of the drug dealers that are hiding inside of the missions and the SRO buildings.

I have never mentioned why people tell me to keep writing. I have a video tape of a person explaining why he wants me to write. When I can upload it I will.
basically he said, just like others, that they, those on Skid Row, do not have the writing skills to convey what is really going on down here on Skid Row. They want somebody to expose what is really going on down here so they can get some help. Many people just have their money taken from them, SSI or GR payments. When the money runs out, they are thrown out. It is about the business of drug addiction and homelessness, it is not about the eradication of drug addiction.

These people in Skid Row want someone to write about it and keep writing about it until something is done. "Walter, there is so much fraud. So many crooks."

There is a place where people donate clothes for the homeless. One day a lady ran up to the person bringing the clothes and she told the lady that the clothes were not getting to the homeless. What was happening to them? The clothes were being taken by the counselors. The counselors would take the clothes to their
THRIFT SHOPS and sell them.

It is not unusual. It happens every day. I have seen counselors take toiletries, and the best clothes and give the worst to the clients. It is a racket down here.

There is no doubt that many of the social security numbers that are given to the administrative people are fake. They belong to someone else somewhere else. IT is identity fraud. Usually the fake numbers are in the control of drug dealers. Sometimes they have someone from the streets use the number and they register the person, using the name and the number. Afterwards, the drug dealer manages to keep a bed vacant next to him. These strategies are discussed all day long.

The low echelon staff and the drug dealers interact alot. That must be stopped. The missions need to really take a good hard look at how they run things. If they look, they will see that what I am saying is true.

Plese look. IT is there. You will see many things that offend you, offend your purpose and thwart your efforts

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