Friday, December 14, 2007

Jules Verne Film Festval

The photos are of the Jules Film Festival. That is STan lee. I have a story to tell about him later. However, for now, I just want to say that he was given a tribute at the film festival. He is the creator of Spiderman and other super heroes in comic books and movies.

Interesting afternoon.

It is about 4pm. I am sitting in the Little Tokyo library. It has a positive energy within in it and I wanted to bask in it. It makes sense that I am here for a few other reasons.

I initially came here after looking for some shoes to purchase.

I only had one pair of shoes when I landed on Skid Row. They wore out in in June.
Fortunately for me at the time, someone left a pair of shoes behind. He relapsed and never came back to the dormitory where I was living. I have worn those shoes ever since. They are ripped in many places. However, that is not why I am discarding them. I can actually wear them for a much longer period of time.

In early November, if you recall, I was offered a position as an assistant manager at a hotel in Skid Row. The offer was rescinded because I had a very small hernia.
I thought it was unfair but they made a business decision based on their assessment of risk.

On the day I was given the offer, however, I remember the human rescources recruiter
asking me what I was going to do to celebrate.

"I am going to purchase a new pair of tennis shoes."

"Walter, don't you think that a $100 pair of shoes is a bit excessive. Save your money," she said.

"You misunderstand. I have no intention of spending that much money on a pair of tennis shoes. I plan on walking over to Los Angeles Street and spending $10.00."

She looked at me out of the side of her eyes for several seconds.

I wanted to get rid of the past and start anew. Those shoes reminded me of a time when I lived in that dormitory and I had been out of that facility for a month when the offer to me was tendered.

I never purchased those shoes and when the offer was rescinded, I was scarred I would not have money later if I did not get another offer.

I still do not have another offer but some some interesting developments within the last couple of things. Doors are opening and they require that I present myself in a different fashion. More importantly, I no longer feel about myself in the manner that these shoes I now wear symbolize. I had a low self image after the things that I had experienced.

It has been a day to day struggle but there are strong structural underpinnings in place that is the foundation for a very positive attitude. I am surprised myself at times. Of course, I did not do it by myself. I had alot of support from good people along the way.

I went several places to try on shoes in the Skid Row area. The merchants range in friendliness, from gruff to accomodating in a very pushy manner. I made a point to go to a store that I visited a couple of times after I had been on Skid Row for a couple of months. The man behind the counter was indifferent to my presence when I asked him some questions about the price of a pair of shoes. I did not want a piece of metal on an all black pair of shoes and I did not want flashy shoes. However, that is all they had. I knew where I could get a solid pair of black shoes without
a metal band across the lace hole line.

When I was trying on the shoes, a small elderly lady came out from the back of the store and when I tried on the shoes, she said perfect. She was so glad that they fit me. She was not aware of my finicky attitude about the metal. I told them. I would have to think about it. Actually I had plans to return to the other store.
I told them that I at least wanted to come by there before I did anything.

They lady looked at me and said "Thank you." It was a sincere gesture of gratitude that I would consider them. I have thought about them ever since. I know they need the sale. The other store is one of several stores that the owner operates.
This store is obviously the only store operated by this elderly lady and her son.

The lady reminded me of my mother the way she carried herself. Today, an attorney told me he wants to go before the judge to get things changed for me. He said I have proven alot to him with longevity of staying on a certain path and certain things I have pointed out make a compelling argument that some things need to be reconsidered an examined. I waited a long time for people to be on my side. Once I had an open ear, it took time for them to observe me in several situations and gain the confidence in me for them to invest their professional and emotional time in helping me solve some problems. It was not easy. There have been disappointments along the way. As you know, the rescinded offer was quite a blow to me. People wondered what I would do-if I would go off the deep end. Of course that never happened and that was the first major step in establishing the trust that I needed from others to assist me in overcoming some obstacles in accomplishing some goals.

I heard from the attorney today and he itemized what motions he plans to bring before the court. I almost fainted. I could not believe I survived to this point, to see the day that this could happen. With that in mind, I am getting ready to walk out of this library and purchase those pair of shoes from that elderly lady and her son. It would not feel right if I spent it any other store.

Afterwards, I am going to walk over to the Pershing Square for the Bloggers on Ice
party. Yes, it is the Christmas spirit and I am going to be a part of the growing spirit of community down here. I will feel that lady when I walk in those shoes and while feeling her, I will feel my own mother walk with me every day.

Good Afternoon world. I love you.

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