Tuesday, November 20, 2007


11:00 AM

The computer goes on the blink too many times at the Marshall House. I get a lecture from the Janitor about leaving my stuff laying around. He knows the deal around here. He used to live here. He has come a long way in his own right. He stays on me like the assistant manager does. He believes I should have a job already.
He does not know that I search all day on the net. He feels I should pound the pavement.

I found the job with his company by networking and researched the company on the net. That impressed the recruiter. Apparently, No one researches the company when they interview for positions. I knew every thing about the company. Hell, that is basic. Plus it is a real estate company, It is unique in my opinion but of course the introduction to anything in Skid Row brings about its own uniqueness.

I come back to Chrysalis to get on the computer. At first I look at the stats. Curbed LA. I wonder why they are on there. I checked the web site out yesterday and I like them. I am a real estate person and was impressed with the variety of their services. They have me wondering about raising money to renew my BROKER LICENSE. It expired last year when all of this started. I was going to renew it as soon as I was employed.

I call Garza from the Chrysalis phones. I am glad I have access to phones. I have never used them before but now they are timely. the "job"classes I took at Chrysalis were good for the future utilization of resources. I am glad I took the time out. One week to avail myself of their available technology.

A man is sitting next to me on one of the phones. A bespectacled man who I see on the Chrysalis and Library computers all of the time, I hear him speak for the first time. He sounds insistent. "Someone stole my phone.",
is blurted from his mouth. He and I have one thing in common. No more cell phone. I can not say mine was stolen. Finder's keepers losers weepers on Skid Row.

He begins to tell someone that he needs to speak with Jesse Jackson of Operation Push. That peaks my interests as I try to get ahold of Garza in Indianapolis. Garza does not answer. I listen some more.

"President Bush gave me permission to do certain things," the man says. Ok, I get it. However, I do not pass judgement. From past experience, I know that people can try to make people believe certain things. However,
he was a bit over the top when he talked about Bush.

I speak to the head of Chrysalis. She and I agree to meet next week. I had to cancel an appointment with her this morning. Paul Freese told me to see another agency as well. I can not do that because I do not have the phone number any longer.Dam. I have to make sure I follow through on these things. The court does not want to hear a story about why something was not done. It does not matter that they were at fault sending me someplace that did not provide the service for which I was ostensibly suppose to be there.

I come back to a computer. I want to see if anyone emailed me. None of the developers, to whom I sent my resume, have replied. Dam. The internet news service has not replie either. Oh well. I go to blogger to
view my dash board. Wow, a comment.

I click it on and it is from Jim. Jim is the other half of the Jim and Celia, combo. they are a delightful couple; I always laugh when I think of the picture of Celia and him sitting on the thrones with costumes on.

Then it hits me. He left a comment on my blog. That means he read my blog. Wow. That is truly an honor. He tells me about the hits coming from Curbed LA; I did not even know they knew of me really. I go back to their website that I recently overviewed. Ah, there it was, just like Jim said, a link from them.

Wow. I appreciate the exposure they gave me. that was nice of them. It was nice of Jim to educate me as well.

I stopped for a second to see if I could find an email address. Perhaps they could use someone with over 25 years of Real Estate experience. I will think about it later;.

Leaving here now to go back to my building. I wonder if someone turned it in. I must make a decision today.

I will cash one of my remaining paychecks that I have. I hoped to put that toward a computer or my real estate license renewal. However, fate stepped in. I will have to be very very disciplined about my expenditures and keep my eye on things. Remember when I said I was on a new level? I was. I did not pay attention.
Now I must suffer the consequences.

I think of Fran Tarkenton, the former Minnesota Vikings Quarterback. He broke his leg. It was not done when he was playing football. He broke it while quarterbacking his growing business.
"Fran Tarkenton". He was doing NFL reports. He was doing real estate. He was doing commercials. Everywhere you looked, he was there. He was in the hospital that evening and had surgery. The next morning his leg was in a cast and he had two phones installed so he could continue to operate his empire. The show must go on, is the moral of the story. I may not have alot of money. but I need this phone to make things happen. I will make things happen. MY show must go on. I must charge ahead. Skid Row has toughened me. The last year has toughened me. I must be what I have learned. Nothing else is acceptable.

Back to the building.. We will see what happens. I have been trying to think of the many things I must get down.
I do not want to give a story. I want to emerge victorious and more determined.

Good morning world. I am beginning to taste the challenge.

Wow, Jim clicked on to my blog. Wonder if it was a direct click or a referral. Hmmm. At least I am learning the vernacular. It is necessary as Jim is in the business. I have been gearing up to talk to him about something. smile.

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