Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MISSING PERSONS. all pay attention to this

This is the missing person board. It is the guard shack at the Midnight Mission.
I want to tell people this. I was told that many times when a relative, especially a woman, sees someone who is looking for them, they run and hide. They do not want to be a burden to the members of the family.
especially the women. They
run and hide more than the men.
Talk to the guards at the missions. make sure you speak to them. They are the ones that see everyone. They are the ones that see people walk in the facility and the people who walk by on the street. More people walk by the Midnight Mission guard shack than any other. It is because it is close to the street and on the second busiest street in skid row. Talk to them.
also talk to someone who looks sober and clean from drugs who is sitting comfortably in their location with their belongings. Chances are that person has been there for a long time. They are positioned to see everything. That is why they are comfortable. They can see everything and people run errands for them. they are accorded a great deal of respect and believe me, they see and hear everything. DONT FORGET WHAT I HAVE SAID. dont give up until you speak to those types of people. They are the ones who can help you find your family person. They remember aberrations, like someone wandering around in a daze. They are the kind of people who would have immediately known my mother was not in her right mind when the police were trying to make her press charges. The funny thing about this police situation. The officer I dealt with is not like the officers on skid row. the officers on skid row deal with so much stuff like my mother's situation they would have asked questions. I would not be here today if they answered that call made from a drunk.
focus walter. now is not the time.
Talk to the men who sit in the guard shack at the midnight mission.
the configuration at the union rescue mission is different. They are inside and they look at cameras. They are very good though. They were the ones that helped the lady who was dumped by Kaiser Permanente. Always go to the guard shacks because if a person is looking for help they will go to a guard shack to inquire. People came up to me all of the time to inquire about help. And, I saw everything as well.
When Garza returns from CentralCityE, we are going to create a information website that will help people with these kinds of concerns. Also people who have missing people across the country will send the websites pictures and we can post them and share them and expose the publid just like Flickr.com. they can know that if the picture and information is sent we will make sure the tv stations get it. More importantly, the website will establish a relationship with the network channels in Los Angeles so they will send to us the information they receive because many people who are missing end up in Skid Row no matter where they are from.
No matter who you talk to on Skid Row, the guard shack at the Midnight Mission is a must.
They also have the most people who stay in their court yard at night in all of Skid Row. That block is a high traffic, strategic block. If you are searching for someone, I can not impress upon you enough to go there.

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