Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yesterday was an amazing day. I wanted to make sure that I took pictures of the fire engine station. As I said it was the last time my father and I went some place together. He wanted to visit the places of his childhood. He was born and raised in Los Angeles. He and I also visited the Dunbar Hotel. That was some time in January 2004. He saw the picture of my mother on the wall. I asked him if he and I could do something later in the year. His response was "If I am still around".

He knew, I guess, that he did not have much more time. I enjoyed spending the time with him. His purpose was not to go to the fire engine station. His purpose was to take a picture of the Coca-cola bottling company battleship. It is catacorner to
the Black Fire Engine station on Central Ave.

I rode my bike there. I took pictures and then rode back quickly to the Transition House. I talked to Jose Egurbide, the City Attorney who runs the Safe City Initiative for the city before I went to the museum. He always calls to make sure I am ok. He is so dedicated. He quizzed me on the facts of Adam Clayton Powell's life. A part of our friendship is the fun of exchanging historical facts.

I tried to upload the pictures but the memory card reader did not work. I was frustrated because I really wanted to diversify my blog. I want to present wide ranging information to the Los Angeles Downtown public about Los Angeles. I thought everyone should know about this fire station and I wanted to share the experience of the last time my father and I hung out together with the world. Their wedding day is today so I thought I could fill the day with history.

I ended the day with the Triforium Celebration. It was the birthday of the designer, Joseph Young. The art was controversial, though, beautiful.

Anyway, the card reader did not work. I was not sure where the malfunction was so I rushed back to my room and grabbed another memory card, went back to the Transition house, had the computer instructor take a few pictures of me, and we tried again.
No luck. IT was the reader. I did not want to spend anymore money on things. I just spent 100 dollars on a new phone after the previous one was stolen. I made a commitment to maintaining my communication lines and developing the opportunities that come with it.

I am just as committed to developing my presentation skills. I have done business proposals for years but this different. I am packaging stories one day, time sensitive data the next day, and a running account of my emotions and growth as I go through this time of never ending change.

Wanting to maintain the growth of my blog content, I was not willing to settle with merely text. I love the photos and the knowledge of explaining them as my experience grows. As my father's wideo said to me after he died, "Walter, you are becoming more like your father every day. If he decides he is going to get something done, and he did not know how to do it, no matter what, he found a way or learned how to get it done."

I remembered that as I headed back to the museum yesterday. I had only a short period of time to get there before the Triforium celebration. I went there and I retook the picture of the museum and of the Coke battleship. I did not have time to go to Office Depot in Little Tokyo to get a new "reader" so I headed to the celebration. Jan Perry, our council woman was there and others that I knew.
Eric Richardson, of Blogdowntown, was there as well as Ed Fuentes of Viewfromaloft.

Celia and Jim were there. All have embraced me into the blogging community and have taught me so much.(that is why I have to show how much they have taught me with different linking and make sure I do not miss out any of them). I have followed all tips but I am still have not figured out a way to shortened all of my blogs. I have figured out that I will do the read more link as well as post multiblogs on the page so it several topics will be seen at once.
However that will take time. I would not have come up with that new design had I not posted so many blogs.

I strolled through Little Tokyo on my way to the Office Depot. I loved and saw a woman in traditional Japanese garb as I was walking into the store. Another good experience.

I purchased a reader. Dam, it costs 39 dollars. So what. I am enjoying it and I am getting better. I also saw where jobs for bloggers were growing so I wanted to keep growing as well. I was committed.

I went back to the Transition House and slipped back to the computer room while a meeting was going on. It has become increasingly difficult to gain computer time there so I can upload photos and maintain my quality of content. The SRIVE program is taking hold and students flock to the computers.

The dam reader did not work. It was an upgrade to the previous one, requiring the downloading of a disk to a computer. I did not want that. I could not use that as I do not have my own computer and I need administrative clearance to download anything in the downtown area that is not my own.

I rushed back to my room and called office depot. Prior to that I found the product number of the previous reader. They did not have that one in stock. IT was no longer a part of their inventory at the warehouse. Dam. The sales person told me that that was the only one they had.

They told me to come in and get my money. I took off my shirt and put on a sweattop.
I had been wearing gray slacks and a silk shirt, receiving compliments on my new
"winning attitude" apparel.

I rode back and, with disappointment, accepted my money. However, my instincts told me to not give up. A lady told me to go back to the aisle and she would help me.
I found some others but they required a disc download as well.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, but she showed me one that I thought was a flash drive when I was in the store earlier. It had the same design. It did not require a download and it only cost 10 dollars instead of the 39 dollars I just spend and was now returned to me. I was so happy. Never give up.

I walked out of the store elated but I forgot one thing. I sustained a flat tire while returning to the Office Depot. I cursed the future expenditure. I could not have fun with the savings obtained by purchasing a cheaper and smaller device.

I returned to the Transition House and with some work found out how to make the device work. At first I thought it was going to be another disappointment. I stuck with it. That was something I wrote about in jail. A lady, when I was a kid, saw that I did not move for 3 hours when her son and I worked to untangle of rope filled with knots. Some of the knots were extremely tight. I used various tools to untangle them-to pry them ,to gain leverage from a different angle, if necessary.
I did not move. I had my tools laid next to me as a surgeon or dentist has their tools spread out. My friends gave up hours hours before I finished. It took me at least 4 hours to finish the task.

The lady, Mrs Collier, said she sat in her window and looked at me the whole time.
They lived across the street from me. She loved my fierce determination. I think of her every time I see the Collier International real estate signs when I walk through downtown as well as that event. She shared her feelings about that time when I returned home from Philadelphia to train with Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate Group in 1979. She was amazed that I remembered the rope with the knots.

I uploaded about 12 pictures for successive postings and returned to my room.
Before I left I looked up 5 more job offerings. If you recall I told you that I would focus more and more on discovering new opportunities.

Yesterday I saw an opportunity with Curbed.com..
I found it while looking at websites for jobs. IT was based in New York, the job, but they will consider the person being based in Los Angeles. I mention it because curbedla was responsible for my largest number of visitors. They came from referrals from their sight. Apparently they liked a blog I posted and linked me.

I would be perfect for the job. I have marketing, sales and real estate experience to spare.

It goes to show you that the more you dig, the more"cans" you find.

It would seem like I am not focusing on getting a job but I am. I have made copies of postings while here at Chrysalis.
I have found found numbers of the places to where I sent resumes last week with the intention of following up now that the holiday weekend is over. I have found more postings. I have done all of this while thinking of new things to do, new places to hunt for jobs, creating ideas for my new venture, planning to enroll in the court required courses just to get started.

Yes, I broke through the barrier of being on hold in that one. I hated that feeling for months. I would rather spend the money that I do not have and get through it.
I hope I find a job. I believe I will. I will discuss the breakthrough later.

And yes I am wearing "dress for success" attire. I got out of the Skid Row wardrobe of torn sweats. I am tired of feeling trapped. That is the same feeling I had with not progressing in the court classes. You see, that is what I learned while
training for the triathlon. I had to monitor what I was feeling. I had to notice that I was, without knowing, doing the same behavior as one does when one is stuck. One stays stuck because one is used to it. However, now I recognize it and I am experiencing more time in being unstuck and I know from my experience from the triathlon training which lead to the removal of drugs in my life that I had to get used to having nice clothes on. It feels more me. I am used to feeling more things that reflect me. I feel it in me deeper. And that is what you see.

How do you see it? You see it in the higher level of detail I am giving you about what has been transpiring. You see the results in my choice of words. I am pushing myself not to be lazy. I am pushing myself to engrain THE DICIPLINE AND BEHAVIOR OF ACHIEVING PERFECTION into my daily being. That discipline was engrained in both my mother and father. It is becoming a part of me in plethora of ways.

I hope you see the different variety of linkage used. It is a cumulative result
from the absorption of knowledge from the people to whom I have linked and to others that are not linked, like Garza. However, when he returns, I will be able to contribute more now that I have done more studying about the internet. It is one thing to use it. It is quite another to apply the internet in a multiplicity of applications and accomplishments in one's every day life.

I must go. I have calls to make. I have appointments to make.
I will touch base later. I am going to design a detailed resume for Curbed.com.

Good morning world. I love you

ps. I came back because I forgot to tell you I learned about the ping service for bloggers. I pinged after I said I love you. smile.

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