Monday, November 26, 2007

back to work


I gave Jose Egurbide a call. He is one of the people in the Skid Row Community that really tries to help people. He helped this morning by letting me rant and rave about the rediculous state of condition the services are down here. Of course he is frustrated as well.

I am on my way to find about these classes that should have been finished, or at least on the way to be finished. Even though it was not my fault, if I do not go to court with something then I will be categorized as one of the people that will not do anything to help themselves.
AT least I am moving forward. I found out that I did have a right to see my arrest report.

My first public defender, who told me nothing but "you have 60 seconds to make this deal" also said I could not see anything. Another one told me the same thing. I was stonewalled by the people that were suppose to help me. Thank god for Natasha Brown. She helped me.

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