Friday, November 16, 2007

Practice creativity

I thought I would try something new and experiment with being creative. As you can see, I have alot of work to do. The picture on the right is one I took outside of a Gallery on Main St. on
Art walk night. They are bubbles. I love bubbles. The gallery had a bubble making machine.
I don't know if I showed you this picture. This is where I currently live. Looks like one of those places in the red light district in Amsterdam doesn't it? Just kidding. Actually I like the way the building looks in this picture. I am lucky to be in it.
I mentioned Amsterdam for a particular reason. Those of you who have been there know that the buildings there are brick and when you come out of the train station, at night, you see all of these brick buildings with neon lights. During the day, the buildings in Amsterdam look like a Gingerbread town like in Hansel & Gretel.
Their are buildings in Skid Row that have that Amsterdam look. they have that very quaint look. They look like a set of a small town. the interiors of those buildings are very distinctive and are a throw back to the early pioneer days of Los Angeles. There are some streets in Skid Row that are very, very charming.
From a Creative standpoint, Skid Row is a great place to exercise creativity. There are many open spaces. There are lots of nooks and cranny's that lend themselves well for creative license.
In most cases you have great views of the downtown Los Angeles skyline.
As you can see, I am practicing my real estate pitch to friends. I am gearing up folks in as many ways as I can.
"keep doing what you are doing"
I have heard that saying for over a year now. You know it. I have bored you with its history since I have started blogging. Well I have kept doing what I have been doing. It has led me to blogging. And I have gone from writing to posting pics and experimenting with linking and videos. "Keep doing what you are doing" was heard again tonight as I walked out of the building into the cool night air. I came back here to "keep doing".
I looked at Blogdowntown and I saw the beautiful colors of Eric's blog. Dam it. I have to have more colors, I thought. Earlier today, I said I thought my blog was boring. You know, I have a lot of nerve. Eric Richardson has worked for years on his craft. Ed Fuentes and don have worked for years on their craft as well as Celia.
I look at Downtownchick's work and it is clear she has worked for quite some time to develop her style of photography and wit. "Keep doing it walter."
I had nothing a while back. Now I have my blog. We started a live cam in skid row and there is more to come. Just let it happen. Learn from everyone. Have fun with it. There are times to be serious and there are times to have light hearted fun and enjoy the creative process.
Eric et all enjoy the process. That is what I have learned from them. They love it. I love it myself. Sometimes I forget those things as I battle to achieve. I am glad I came back in here. It let me work on my craft and continue to follow in the footsteps of those who have embraced me into their fold.
thank you guys and gals.
Good night world, I love you.

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