Thursday, November 29, 2007

G ENERO- "Don't trip"

Profiles Of Courage

This is Genero. He accepted my application for the classes. He works for People in Progress. Genero was released from prison two months ago and is working already.
He is a good man. He could tell that I was experiencing a wide range of emotions being there. He kept looking at me when he asked me questions. At first it was hard for him to believe that none of the questions applied to me. He eventually said,
"Walter, I have seen guys like you who should not be in places that they did not deserve to be. They made it th orugh the place and so will you."

It felt good to here that. It feels good each time when people can look at me and see the truth. Genero is 28. I learn as much from him and others his age, these days, than I do from those 28 years older than I.

I often wonder when I look at men like Genero how they did it ? How did they get through it? What hell did they have to endure?

As you know, people have said to me may times during this experience"dont trip".

The last thing Genero said was "don't trip, Walter. We will get through this together."

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