Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where are my readers?

Ok you guys. Now check this out. I had to laugh myself.

When I first started my first blog on blogomonster, I wanted readers so bad I became sick thinking about it. I mean SICK. I remember for 48 hours I had no views. I was depressed.

I checked on the third day and suddenly I had two views. Suddenly, I thought I was George Will, the columnist. I thought I was on my way. I checked recently and every blog on that site has somewhere between 20 and 70 hits.

Mind you, I just started this but i was convinced I could build a readership. I checked my numbers everyday. It was a simple count. it just had hits. I did not care if they stayed on the sight for one second. I would develop my craft and they would become loyal viewers.

I figured I would implement some marketing strategy and sooner or later it would take off.

Many mornings I counted on increased views to give me strength. They did. The view hits could have been a computer as far as I know. I did not care.

Then, I started my blog on this site, blogger. All of the pros were on blogspot so I could not go wrong. I began to meet all of the bloggers. Then some people started telling me they emailed others to let them know about my blog.

During this time, I figured my readership must be growing. I talked to Garza. I wanted him to help me put in the Google analytics to track my readership. I had to insert HTML script in some exact way. I did not even know what a tag was. I had to read about that.

I pulled out my HTML book. I made copies of learning documents about the subject matter.

(in fact, I studied HTML this morning. I will study it every day.)

Garza kept saying "You don't need to know who is reading your blog. people are reading it. Concentrate on your craft." He was right and I knew he was right but I am human. I had a bit of vanity in me. I was patient only because I could see my profile hits. Wow, I had over 70 provfile hits. I had more hits than I had viewers on my other blog site. I just knew I was developing a following worthy of a radio talk show contract. lol. Furthermore, some of the big names in downtown blogging honored me by putting me on their blog roles. My God, I thought,

I have made the big time. I knew I had hits and readers and everything.

Don installed my analytics and it said I would not have any stats for 24 hours. No problem, I said. I felt good about things. I was growing. I was developing. I could wait until the morning.

I woke up Friday Morning and headed straight to Chrysalis accessed a computer and logged in to blogger and immediately accessed analytics. I clicked on "view reports". I had 15 page views. I looked at the graph and the slope of the viewship in 12 hours looked like that of a hot stock. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa. I was on my way. I felt good.

Saturday morning came and I was not feeling good. I needed a bit of encouragement. I flew down to the central library. I figured my readship would at least double. the previous stats only were for 12 hours. These would be for 24 hours. People have been talking to me about my blog. I had exposure and linkage from the "big boys" of the blogging world. I even starting uploading pictures and improving my product. I was certain I had at least 30 page views.

I hit "view reports". I never saw so many zeros in my life. I thought I had the wrong page. I went back and refreshed my page. Same thing. Zero. I looked at the graph. The hot stock had plummeted. What goes up must come down? Well, it was certainly true in my case. No doubt about it. What about the links? What about the better product?
It was so pathetic, I couldn't help but laugh my ass off. "Don't worry, Walter. It is Saturday, people are out doing things. They only read blogs during the week. Yeah, right- as if I knew

reading behavior and habits of the blogging world.

Thank God I had a couple of emails to cheer me up. My readership was non existent. Where did they go? Something must be wrong but it will straighten itself out.
Don't hold your breath, Walter. I checked in a 1:00PM. I just knew my numbers would pick up today. It is Sunday morning. Everybody catches up on their reading on Sunday morning. Coffee with the wife or hubby. It would be un American not to do so. I know the internet is worldwide but I am worried about the home front first.
I went straight to the analytics. I almost fainted. Zeros, again. They looked bigger and stronger than the ones yesterday. It was like the cement in them had hardened and they were not going anywhere and they were not going to let my numbers take off.
I laughed so hard that I almost burst the hernia that prevented me from getting the job.
Well, it teaqches you one thing. Do something because you love doing it. Keep doing it. Get better at doing it. No matter what, keep doing what you love.
The next time Don Garza tells me not to worry about my readership, I will listen to him. Or maybe, just maybe, this is his fault. He put in the analytics. Ah yes. It is his fault. Do what everybody else does in times like this. Blame the other person.
I went up to the roof this morning and took these photos. I have a 360 degree clear view from the roof. I am facing west, taking these pictures. I will discuss the 360 degree view further when I discuss Skid Row from a real estate man's point of view. I will do that this week.
Good afternoon world. I love you

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dgarzila said...

google did some strange stuff with analytics. I don't even check them myself. They only give me until October 30th. SO I was checking and I clicked on the calendar and clicked today. That was how I saw today's report.

Very strange. I think you will start getting a more consistency in your report in the next couple of days