Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I took this picture of the downtown skyline at the Zocalo event
at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. That is the event where our Mayor was interviewed by Mr. Newson of the Los Angeles Times. Excuse my spelling if I misspelled anything.
I am back at Chrysalis. I found out
that I can get my same phone number. Ah yes.. A woman , at the Thouse told me I could get the same phone number. I would have to upgrade my phone but I would not have to pay for phone time until January 16. I used the resources, here at Chrysalis to call the customer service people. They confirmed what the lady told me.
The lady who told me this is the one who turned and giggled on the video that I posted on the Youtube site about the Homeless learning how to use computers. Her name is LaJoy.
La Joy is as delightful as her smile. She is in the STRIVE PROGRAM at the Transition HOuse
in Skid Row. In fact, where she is sitting in the video was where all of these pictures were uploaded. I have enough to keep posting for a couple of days.
She told me the same thing. I need a phone at all costs. She may me blush when she told me I was a role model for her. "Walter, we do not have to worry about cocaine any more. You do not waste money. Everybody here knows that. DON'T WASTE YOUR POTENTIAL. Get the phone. "
I am on my way to cash the money orders I purchased for myself a while ago. A selling feature for me and a great benefit was having the same number. I want continuity and stability reflected in my technology. I do not want different cell phone numbers each month. that means something is not normal.
I prepared myself mentally. I have gone through the protocals of preparation and acceptance.
the study I did before all of this happened paid off. It paid off when stopped smoking cigarettes, cold turkey after learning that it can be done after learning what I would feel from stopping the cocaine. I asked two people, like any manager would ask an employee or colleague what should I do. What are the costs and benefits? They gave me good advice. I do not have to have the cocaine , knee jerk reaction of NOT INVESTING IN MYSELF. I am off to get the phone.
I have to laugh. Monday said to me"Walter, that is the devil coming at you. He does not like that you are making progress. He is after you. Do not let him get you" He won't
I am passing the test.


Dallas Cowboys said...

Walter, call me.

skidrowscribe said...


your number was in my phone that was stolen. I shall be ready at 1.45pm as we planned. if things have changed, call me on the same number. I was lucky to at least save my phone number.