Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Computer is breaking down

44 minutes. That is a new record. It took that long to boot up this computer. It has its own ways. It does not help that people mistreat it. It is very slow and they start beating the mouse.

They should be grateful that there is one in here at all.

I walked down here half asleep to see he analytics. I was thinking a little bit of the Heather Mc Donald article about Skid Row in the Los Angeles Times. It must be said that my upcoming court visit was on my mind. I must see the judge on December 6th. That is why I you have heard me review the last year on more than one occasion.

I checked the punched in the analytics address and prepared to see the usual amount of hits. I just read a blogger buzz about a woman whose unique visitor count went from 900per month to 4000 per month. I was just hoping to have as many hits as I had the day before.

I almost fell off the chair when I saw that my hits had doubled. Doubled. There must be some kind of mistake I figured. I wrote about Olympians and the Olympics, Maybe that is it. Perhaps I need to write more about champions. I know that training at the McDonald pool at the USC pool was an amazing experience and it was the main activity that provided the winning edge for me against cocaine use.

Or maybe Don Garza was doing something. I looked at another stat, the profile views and that quadrupled. Must be some kind of mistake. Aberration. Amazing how when something positive happens in life, after so much negative, I think something is wrong.
\I must continue to work on it. Everyday.

After reading the Heather McDonald article, I thought long and hard about Skid Row. People forget it is a community. There are lots of good people here. There are lots of strong people here. I have learned from their wisdom. They have learned how to move on in life. How not to look back and dwell on the past. That is the one thing that I have yet to conquer.

It was the leading ingredient in the recipe of my drug usage. I felt guilty for screwing up. I had so many regrets. I punished myself. I used drugs to ease that emotional pain and I was punishing myself some more in using the drugs.

I am grateful that there are those who have experience in moving on. I have been talking to someone who is involved with the successful Skid Row Basketball league. I was wondering how he has such a strong, positive spirit.

Cancer is the answer. he was stricken with cancer at 19 years of age. He underwent chemotherapy treatment for three years. He survived cancer.
that will do it every time.

There are survivors on Skid Row. It took three hours, two computers and a lost phone to post this blog. I got it done, though.

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jim said...

hey walter,

the traffic is probably from this link from curbed la, a local real-estate blog.